Twitter is developing an official Don’t @ Me feature

New “don’t @ me” a tool that will let you manage who mentions you in posts is being developed by Twitter.

A mention occurs when a user’s @ handle is used in a tweet, creating a link to their account and notifying them of the post and any responses that may follow. By allowing those who are being harassed or abused to block messages from specific users, a new tool can be used to stop such behavior.

Users can determine whether other accounts can mention them in a tweet thanks to a screenshot that Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and engineer, was released. They will have the choice to either disable mentions entirely or limit the users who can say them to only those they follow.

Users can determine if other accounts can mention theirs in a tweet thanks to a screenshot shared by application researcher and engineer Jane Manchun Wong. They will have the choice to either turn off mentions entirely or limit the users who can mention them to only those they follow.

Additional tools on Twitter give users control over the conversations they engage in on the service. Other features included Twitter is here to give users more control on the discussions in which they participate.

Currently, users can disable replies entirely or limit the accounts that can react to their tweets to only those they are mentioned or follow.

Twitter is developing an official Don't @ Me feature
Twitter is developing an official Don’t @ Me feature

In February a “Safe mode” a feature was introduced that, when used, immediately disables users who post offensive comments or repeatedly reply to messages for seven days. You can check more related articles at Lee Daly.

Another feature that allows users to “unsubscribe” from a Twitter thread in which they are tagged but do not wish to be part of was presented in July.

The user can still see their handle in the discussion, but it is no longer associated with their account. They also can’t see their name in any replies or receive notifications about it.

The Circle feature became available to everyone in August, allowing users to limit who can see their tweets to a specific group of people. With Circle, users can create a group of up to 150 followers and decide whether to share things publicly or just with the group on a tweet-by-tweet basis.

This works similarly to Instagram “Close friends” feature where users can decide whether to share their stories with all their followers or just a small number of them. Yesterday, Wong unveiled the future mentions feature, later confirmed by Twitter’s privacy designer Dominic Camozzi in a now-deleted message.

By default, anyone can notice an account when it’s posted as a screenshot, but the user has the option to limit mentions to people they follow. There will also be an option to disable annotations completely.

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You may not be able to connect with a stranger on the platform to say hello or tell them something if Twitter users have the right to limit who can @ them. This would be a pretty significant change in how the platform works.

Final lines

Twitter is working on a feature that will let you choose who can mention you. In a test version that app researcher and engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered, you can block mentions entirely.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi said the feature was in development and asked for community feedback.

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