Twitch is upsetting users by only allowing use with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform, has been going from stumble to stumble in recent times, causing constant discomfort among both users and creators.

To the reduction in the percentage of earnings that content creators receive or to the technical problems that arose a few days ago during the celebration of the Ringcraft event, which some have called the worst event in Twitch history, now the arrival of has been added a temporary restriction that excludes users who use a browser other than those currently supported: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

The announcement has just arrived in the form of a tweet and at the moment there is no support page that can provide more information promising it will come “soon” which confuses many users and where the only thing that is known is that this temporary measure, as he later clarified Twitch CPO Tom Verrilli will try Fighting the botnet networks that promote hate within the platform.

Specifically it says:

Unfortunately, this is what helps make Twitch safe. People must use a non-preferred browser today to stop tomorrow’s hate attack

Users of other browsers such as Safari or Brave also point out on social networks and other platforms that, although they can still access the service and use all its functions normally, it will be a matter of time before some functions, such as B. for shopping or the login, they no longer work if none of the three browsers mentioned are used.

The worst thing about the situation is that it excludes users of Safari, one of the largest web browsers in terms of market share.which belongs to Apple and is a favorite of Mac users.

Basically, the problem lies in the way in which the platform has recently managed communication with the user community, where there are more doubts than certainties, without clarifying at the moment that they have browsers that do not fight with other botnets.

It is also not known how long the measure will last and whether further safety improvements will be made so that situations such as those experienced recently do not recur.

The truth is that the accumulation of events is leading some developers to look to other platforms.

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