Tucker Carlson’s latest attack on Democrat John Fetterman is coming back to bite him

The Fox News host, who has peppered his shows with conspiracy theories in the past, claimed Fetterman had merged “with a computer” and could be “hacked” due to the use of an electronic captioning device in the interview.

Fetterman, who spoke with NBC News reporter Dasha Burns this week in his first interview since his stroke in May, “occasionally stuttered and had trouble finding words” during his interview, the news outlet said.

Burns claims “it was not clear” that Fetterman understood the conversation while engaged in a pre-interview conversation.

Carlson considers Fetterman’s use of the device “exciting” for transhumanists.

“But for everyone else, for Pennsylvania voters, for example, it raises some obvious questions. Like, where exactly does software end and John Fetterman’s mind begin?” Carlson asked.

“We don’t know, we can’t know. But it is obvious that Pennsylvania could send a computer program to the US Senate, where it would inevitably be hacked.

Carlson later noted that things will be “fine” in the Senate as long as there is no blackout in the Capitol.

Twitter users criticized Carlson’s “computer program” comments on Wednesday, with some noting that the Fox News host was reading from a teleprompter.

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