Truth Social Exec Forced Off Board After Ignoring Trump Demand: Report

One pitcher reported that a co-founder of Truth Social’s media parent company was kicked off the company’s board after ignoring Donald Trump’s requests to donate some of his stock to Melania Trump. notice to the Washington Post,

Trump pushed his wife to try, even though he received 90% of the shares of Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) in exchange for his name and another “minor stake,” says Will Wilkerson, a former company executive. . says the post.

The co-founder of the company reportedly avoided the request, telling Trump that it would leave him with a tax bill he couldn’t pay. , do what you want to do According to Wilkerson, “Trump has started to back down.

She was fired from the board five months later, the newspaper reported Saturday, which Wilkerson said she had been paid for not making a “small fortune” on Melania Trump.

The incident was a series of glaring revelations supported by multiple papers seen by the newspaper about Trump’s bitter business intrusions, technical problems, questionable financial representations, and what Wilkerson insisted it was. it was a violation of securities and exchange rules, according to the Post. .

Wilkerson filed a whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in August regarding the company. Wilkerson’s attorney told the paper that he was also collaborating with the Current. Trump media inspection by the SEC and federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.

Wilkerson was fired from TMTG on Thursday as senior vice president of operations after speaking at the post.

Trump Media, in a statement to the Post answering a series of specific questions about Wilkerson’s information, said Trump has named former Republican Congressman Devin Nunes of California as CEO to create a “culture of compliance.” and build a world-class team to lead Truth Social.

The statement complained that the Post “sent us a poll filled with deliberately false and defamatory statements and other fabricated psychodramas.”

According to the newspaper, he didn’t specifically answer any of the Post’s questions.

The new information follows a long list of bad news for Trump’s social and media truth business.

Digital World Acquisition Corp. – the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) set to go public with Truth Social – revealed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing last month that investors have already backed $ 139 million in commitments from $ 1 billion previously announced by the company.

Others are likely to arrive. Investors, who agreed to invest about a year ago, can now skip their commitments as Digital World misses the original September 20 deadline to merge with Trump Media. that deadline was extended by three months after shareholders refused to approve his offer for a 12-month extension. But investors can still get out of it.

A major web hosting operator complained in August that True Social owed approximately $ 1.6 million in contract payments, a charge that suggested the operation’s finances were “a serious mess,” he reported. Fox. Business news.

Truth Social in Another Shot The trademark application was rejected in August because it had the same name as other operations.

Trump insisted last month that he is not convinced of a real crisis of social wealth, as he explained, I am really rich, ”he posted on the social media platform. “I don’t need funding”.

Yet in the next sentence he asked: “Private company, anyone ???” That appears to be an invitation to investors.

See the full story of the Washington Post here,

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