Treat yourself to the Samsung Galaxy S22 at the best price at Bouygues Telecom

For a few days you can leave Bouygues Telecom with the excellent Samsung Galaxy S22 for 1 euro. We explain how to take advantage of this attractive offer.

If you’re eager to get your hands on Samsung’s premium smartphone, but don’t want to dent your budget, Bouygues Telecom has the perfect deal. The Galaxy S22 currently drops to € 1 (+ € 8 per month) thanks to a cashback offer, a trade-in bonus and the appropriate mobile subscription. Being able to offer you such a new premium smartphone at such an attractive price is not possible every day!

To find out all about this sensational Bouygues Telecom offer until Sundayit’s here:

I use Bouygues Telecom’s offer

Samsung Galaxy S22, a balanced premium smartphone

Like every year, Samsung unveiled its new range of premium smartphones. Of the three models it includes, the standard Galaxy S22 has it all. The South Korean manufacturer equips its car with the Exynos 2200 chip etched in 4nm for excellent performance. Multitasking or resource-intensive apps don’t scare your Galaxy S22. Thanks to the battery with a capacity of 3700 mAh, it can easily follow you throughout the day. Supports fast charging up to 25W.

The Galaxy S22 stands out in particular for its brilliant screen that dazzles us. Dynamic AMOLED 2X, FHD + resolution, 1300 nits brightness, 120 Hz refresh rate… The Samsung smartphone has all the premium specifications. To watch your series and movies or to play games, you will love it. Everything is fast, smooth and visually appealing. For a comfortable grip, the 6.1-inch size is perfect.

For photography enthusiasts, the Galaxy S22 offers a advanced triple camera. There is a 50 megapixel main sensor for capturing sharp, stable and detailed shots. In short, the quality is there and you run the risk of becoming the official photographer in spite of yourself during your evenings with friends or family. Something to create good memories.

Samsung Galaxy S22
© Samsung

How to pay the Samsung Galaxy S22 for 1 euro on Bouygues Telecom?

The problem with premium smartphones, such as the Galaxy S22, is often the price. Yes, quality pays off. Fortunately, Bouygues Telecom allows you to get started with the Samsung smartphone at the best price. For a few days the Galaxy S22 drops to 1 euro (+ 8 euro per month for 24 months) instead of 859 euro. Ultimately, the smartphone will cost you 193 euros. You save 666 euros Plus, dilute your payout to avoid withdrawing too much money at once. You have everything to gain.

This minimum price is explained by a refund offer of 100 euros and a recovery bonus of up to 70 euros. However, to take advantage of it, Bouygues Telecom imposes only one condition: subscribe to the Sensation Advantages Smartphone 200 GB package.

Method to get the Samsung Galaxy S22 for € 1:

  • Order the Samsung Galaxy S22 from Bouygues Telecom
  • Subscribe to the Sensation Advantages Smartphone 200GB 5G package for € 31.99 per month for the first year (after € 49.99 per month)
  • Take advantage of the € 100 refund offer (on request and deferred)
  • Take advantage of the trade-in bonus of up to € 70 on your old smartphone
  • Pay 8 € per month for 24 months (payment terms)

I use Bouygues Telecom’s offer

A 5G package that causes a sensation at Bouygues Telecom

Of course, the Galaxy S22 is no exception to the rule of a good premium smartphone in 2022 and is compatible with 5G. It allows you to gain speed. You still need the right package to take advantage of it. It is for this reason that Bouygues Telecom is offering its gold offer on the Samsung smartphone provided that it chooses its Bouygues Telecom 200 GB 5G mobile subscription. A very generous envelope in concerts for a fair price.

  • 200 GB of mobile data in 4G or 5G in Franceof which 100 GB usable in Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, United States, Canada and China
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in 120 countries
  • Unlimited calls and SMS to landlines and mobile numbers in Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, United States, Canada and China
  • Free loan of an equivalent telephone in case of breakdown, loss, theft or breakage

At the moment, Bouygues Telecom is doing well as its Sensation Advantages Smartphone 5G package benefits from an advantageous price. Until then you were only entitled to 170 GB for the first year at 31.99 euros per month. At the moment the envelope is swelling: you will benefit from 200 GB and in addition you will be able to use a part of it in the United States, Canada and China. After a year, the Sensation Advantage Smartphone 200 GB 5G package rises to 49.99 euros per month. Bbox customers will be delighted, as they benefit from a monthly discount of 6 euros on their mobile phone bill. The package will cost them € 26.99 per month for the first year.

Hurry to give yourself the Samsung Galaxy S22 for only 1 euro (+ 8 euro per month) at Bouygues Telecom. You have until Sunday evening to take advantage of it. This is indeed a deal that it would be a shame to miss …

I use Bouygues Telecom’s offer

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