Toulouse: a decree will prohibit the display of antivax slogans

In recent weeks, posters hostile to vaccination against Covid-19 have flourished in Toulouse. To stem the phenomenon, a prefectural order will prohibit these performances.

The state comes forward in the face of the proliferation of anti-vax slogans in the public space of Toulouse. A prefectural decree will ban the posters hostile to vaccination against Covid-19 that have sprung up in the city in recent weeks on several billboards, the Secretary of State in charge of Citizenship announced on Friday.

“Warned about the current campaign of posters against vaccinations in Toulouse, I asked the prefect to use the appropriate legal remedies to put an end to it”, indicates Sonia Backes on her Twitter account.

On panels located on the land of several people in Toulouse, large posters denouncing the alleged harmful side effects of vaccination against Covid have been placed.

On Wednesday, the Haute-Garonne prefecture said it had dealt with the case in the company of ARS Occitanie and the departmental council of the department’s medical order.

“An interdiction provision will be adopted and a report will be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office”, says Sonia Backes in this regard.

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