Tony Yayo explains the definition of loyalty and the G-Unit split

On the latest episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, Tony Yayo and G-Unit got into a heated discussion about the tension between The Game and G-Unit.

The South Jamaica, Queens native commented on the Compton rapper’s tumultuous time in the group and admitted they missed out on a chance to make more money by splitting up. But given the animosity between the East and West Coasts, Yayo claims that G-units conflict with the Game is inevitable.

We threw away a lot of money because we had the opportunity to travel abroad, he said. Game, Banks, Buck, Yayo, no 50. We could travel abroad and make millions. However, he started G-Unit. i said 50 “You giving him all that crap bro?” as I stood on that balcony in Battery Park and heard him give him all these records.

“You should consider this. He continued, referencing Dr. Dre signing 50 Cent, You get LA n-gas blowing up East Coast n-gga.’ What do you think n-gas studio are saying? We are from New York. You must destroy the West Coast. Blood, the West Coast is the best.

Yayo continued by blaming the discontent on the conflict between G-Unit and The Game. The rapper of “so seductive” claims 50 has taken care of everyone in his immediate vicinity, but as business slows, problems develop.

He claims that “n-ggas start shutting down” when the situation worsened and business slowed down. Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. What’s the deal with loyalty mate? Man you are aware of the age n-ggas grew up in. Loyalty is everything.

Tony Yayo then tried to change the subject of the conversation to The Game, but Hoffa continued to ask more questions to inform the audience about how a band should (or shouldn’t) relate to the music industry. Yayo got angry and announced that Game is not part of G-Unit’s history.

He yelled, keep acting like the game is the true legacy of G-Unit. No, it’s 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and n-gga because I had to deal with all kinds of trouble in New York when n-ggas came out. you know?

I had to deal with the problems that G-Unit had when I was in there [Rikers Island]. I didn’t go to the computer. No, the gas is real. That’s shit, The Game is on the West Coast. Jimmy Henchman was a problem for us.

In the mid-2000s, the conflict between G-Unit and The Game was a ticking time bomb that could go off at any second. When 50 Cent began feuding with Fat Joe and Jadakiss over a feature on rival Ja Rule’s 2004 hit single “New York,” he expected to have his warriors by his side.

The Game, who had no issues with Fat Joe or Jadakiss and stated he wouldn’t fight them, decided it didn’t apply to him. In the hot 97 an interview50 revealed that he learned of Game’s remarks and kicked him out of G-Unit.

Minutes after the interview, the Documentary rapper attempted to confront G-Unit by entering the Hot 97 building, but a fight broke out with security and one of Game’s crew members was shot in the thigh. G-Unit has reportedly already left the building and was not involved in the altercation.

In a high-profile news appearance in March 2005, 50 and Game awkwardly embraced and decided to end their feud. However, the ceasefire didn’t last long as Game’s “G-Unit” campaign was launched after Unit continued to criticize him.

Almost two decades later, the beef still sizzles. After the Power mogul won an Emmy for the show Dr. Dre Super Bowl Halftime Show, which The Game was not invited to, 50 Cent and The Game recently spat trouble on Instagram.


The Queens native commented on the Compton rapper’s shaky tenure in the group and said they wasted an opportunity to make money by splitting up. Yayo argues that G-units conflict with the Game is inevitable given the hostility between East and West.

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