Tokyo taxis offer to let you hitch a ride with The Ring’s ghostly girl, just in time for Halloween

Sadako Taxis are a terrifying alternative to Tokyo’s train and subway networks.

Taxis in Japan have some unique quirks. The rear passenger door opens and closes on its own, for example, and you’ll almost always find lace napkins on the parcel shelf under the rear window.

But Tokyo gets perhaps the most Japanese taxis this month, as they come with a special ghostly girl from the horror movie J.

And not just any J-horror ghost, but the only one Sadakofrom The ring. To celebrate the return of Sadako to cinemas in the future Sadako DXit has partnered with Japanese taxi-hailing app S.Ridewhich will work 50 Sadako Taxis from October 24. Fortunately, riding a Sadako taxi is a completely optional method of transportation, as you have to specify that you want one instead of a regular ghostless taxi when you request a pickup.

If you do ask for a Sadako taxi, you’ll spot her not just by the car’s outward-facing digital plates…

… but it also terrifyingly comes through the rear seat monitor in the cabin if you’re brave/stupid enough to use the AR collaboration feature.

Sadako also appears in a special safety video…

…and shows a more festive side in a special Happy Halloween window greeting in some cabs on October 30 and 31.

She also appears on your phone after you request a pickup with a message that says “I think she’s coming” to keep you company while you wait.

“Please enjoy the new sensational taxi where you can experience the world of Sadoko[‘s movies] before and during your trip,” S.Ride cheerfully says, with the nightmares that follow your ride, an unmentioned bonus.

Sadato Taxis will operate in Tokyo from October 24th to November 16th.

Source, images: PR Times
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