Toddler cuddles up to giant snake, video goes viral: Watch

Disturbing footage of a toddler snuggling with a giant snake has surfaced on social media. The clip shows a child playing with a dangerous and alarmingly large snake. The now viral video has been shared on Facebook and has garnered 1.4,000 likes.

As we can see in the video of the reel, a small child is sitting on the ground while hugging a large snake. Although several people witness the scene, no one takes it too seriously. Perhaps because they know well that the snake is a pet and the necessary measures have been taken so that even if the reptile bites, it is not poisonous.

Interestingly, the child is not afraid of the snake. Perhaps this is because the child is too tender to know the risk of hugging a snake. We can even see him trying to grab the head of the snake, which is the most dangerous action he should not attempt at least in this situation. But the snake does not get angry even though the child plays with it.

We still don’t know where the video was shot, although we can hear sounds of people discussing the snake in the background. The video claims to have the original audio sound.

Although the video is funny, when we see a boy hugging a snake, it is not a good thing. The snake can turn hostile at any moment.

Click the following link to watch the video:

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