TikTok wants to show local content in its new feed

TikTok wants to implement a new dynamic in the app that should make it easier for users to discover local content.

So not only do you have personalized content in the main feed, but you can also access videos to help you discover nearby places and businesses.

TikTok is testing a new location-based feed

In addition to the recommended content that users see when they open their friends’ app or videos, TikTok wants users to be able to access local content without having to search too much.

And to that end, TikTok is testing a new feed that will appear next to the “Followed” and “For You” tabs. While this feed focuses on viewing nearby content, users’ tastes are also taken into account. So, if the primary feed shows pet videos, the new feed can also follow that line in the content recommendation.

In other words, the policy of showing the user relevant videos in a custom feed would be maintained, but under this new filter: local content. And of course, this feed becomes a good strategy for discovering nearby places and businesses.

So it could become a new showcase for companies and a new search area for those looking for, for example, nearby restaurants. It is currently a test with a select group of users and they have not announced whether they intend to extend it to everyone in the near future.

The dynamics of this feed may change as the test progresses, or TikTok may decide not to pursue this new feature. Keep in mind that TikTok has several features in development and some in testing, so we’ll have to wait and see which ones are finally implemented in the application.

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