Three Tory MPs call on PM to leave

Three Conservative MPs have come out publicly to ask Liz Truss to step down as pressure builds on the Prime Minister.

Crispin Blunt, Regate’s Tory MP, Minister of Justice in the early years of David Cameron’s premiere, told Channel 4’s Andrew Neal Show: “I think the game is over and now it’s a question of how the property is managed.” .

He was followed on Sunday evening by Andrew Bridgne, who told the Telegraph newspaper: “We can’t go on like this.

Mr. Bridghan, who supported Rishi Sunak in the leadership race this summer, said: “Our country, its people and our party deserve better.

Conservative MP Jamie Wallis also confirmed that he wrote a letter to Ms. Truss asking her to stand up.

Other senior members of the parliamentary party expressed deep sorrow for Ms. Truss’s leadership, but refrained from urging her to leave.

Mr. Blunt, who supported Jeremy Hunt in the leadership race, released a statement on Sunday saying that most of his aides “clearly understand that Prime Minister Truss’s authority has now been fatally damaged.”

“It has to go now because it can neither win nor maintain the trust of its allies, the public and a relentless media.

“The main emotional reactions to his public presentation now are a mixture of anger, contempt and pity.

“It’s a blind taste of the obvious that this can’t and shouldn’t continue.”

He called on former leadership candidates Sunak, Hunt and Penny Mordaunt to unite to pull the party out of the current crisis.

Conservative MP Jamie Wallis published a letter sent to Ms. Truss, saying she didn’t believe she could join a divided party.

Mr. Wallis, who declared himself trans earlier this year, told the Prime Minister: “It was extremely unfortunate to see high-level assistants exploit the issue of transgender rights and use them as weapons to gain political points in the market. “.

He adds: “You have chosen not to challenge this behavior and now you have chosen the same allies to sit with you in your government.”

Former Conservative leader Andrew Mitchell, who also supported Mr. Hunt in the leadership race, told BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend: “The Conservative Parliamentary Party has always been outspoken and ruthless, if shown to bring changes when necessary.

“If the prime minister proves unable to govern effectively, he will have to stand up and the parliamentary party will let people know. And the mechanism is not very important. It is the reality that will assert itself.

“But we should all try to help him succeed and heal.”

Mr. Hunt, who is now considered the most powerful man in government, insisted on Sunday that he is “in charge of the Prime Minister.”

He also told BBC Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg that, after two failed leadership offers, his desire for the higher job had been “medically suppressed”.

But former Chancellor George Osborne, who is no longer an MP, told the Andrew Neal Show that Ms. Truss would most likely leave “before Christmas.”

When asked if Ms. Truss could survive, she replied: “Probably not. It’s Pino, Prime Minister in name only for now.

He acknowledged that “things are unpredictable” and added that it is “possible to imagine a situation” in which it “resets completely”, even if it is a “long shot”.

Congresswoman Tory Alicia Kearns, who recently became chair of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, told Times Radio that it was “very difficult” to decide whether Ms. Truss should remain in the top position.

When asked whether Ms Truss could or should survive No. 10, Ms. Kearns said, “It’s very difficult after all because I think, you know, we have questions about our moral fitness. Now we ask ourselves questions about our fiscal capacity.

“I don’t want any more questions about our ability to govern as a party and our ability to remain united. It is incredibly difficult and I will eventually have to listen and talk to my colleagues in the days to come.

“But need a fundamental reset? Without questions. “

Senior Conservative MP Robert Halfon said he wanted “an apology and a fundamental reset”.

Mr. Halfon, chairman of the Communes Education Committee, denied that MPs were considering installing a new leader.

“We’re all talking to see what can be done about it,” he said.

“I fear that in recent weeks the government has appeared to be a moderate jihadist and has treated entire countries like laboratory rats on which ultra, ultra free market experiments are being conducted. And there isn’t. There is a country. There was one horror story after another, “he told her.

Mr. Halfon said he would not call Truss, but told Times Radio that the government had to reset “very soon”, adding, “I can’t give you hours or days.”

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Prime Minister needs to scramble his cabinet.

Speaking with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg about the prospect of a leadership contest, Hancock said, “I don’t think we’re there yet,” but added that he had to do three things: reliable funding. Provide projects, renew his practice and restore trust.

“He needs to bring a larger Conservative party into his government,” he said. He needs a makeover, “he said.

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