This viral video of a diver and a seal is winning hearts on the internet

Seals are highly intelligent sea creatures. Their level of intelligence is similar to that of dogs. They are smart and can adapt quickly and are also trainable. But what about wild seals? Are they dangerous? Although the reality is, this wholesome and adorable video of a diver and a seal interacting with each other might make you want to find one for yourself.

The video shows a diver in close proximity to a wild seal. The wild animal, however, seems least bothered by the intruder. If anything, he seems very curious and very friendly. He fearlessly approaches the diver and interacts with him by pulling on his equipment. The seal also pulls his arms and touches his face. When the diver scratches the seal, the adorable animal even holds his hands with its fins. Seeing the wild animal behaving in such a friendly manner, the internet agreed that the seals are “dogs of the sea,” which is also the caption of the Twitter video that went viral.

Video originally posted by Ben Burville. Burville is a doctor in Northumberland, UK, and says diving is therapeutic for him. He likes being in nature and it helps him to be attentive and present in the moment. Burville has been diving with seals for more than 20 years and says that’s more than anyone else. He also says he has learned a lot about seal behavior through his diving expeditions. The video, originally posted by Ben Burville on Twitter, was retweeted by an account called “Science Wonders” where it garnered 22.6 million views! The video also has 8,749 retweets and 73.1k likes.

Watch viral “video of the diver and the seal here:

Meanwhile, people thought the video was one of the cutest things ever. Many comment that they want one. Others pointed out that in their language seals are actually called sea dogs.

While it is true that the video is extremely adorable, it must be kept in mind that seals are wild animals. Although they are mostly friendly and not aggressive towards humans, this is not always guaranteed. Due to the fact that they are wild animals, they can be unpredictable. They have sharp teeth and are capable of hurting people. They are also known to have a lot of bacteria in their mouths that can infect even the smallest wound. Although they are only aggressive when they feel threatened, you cannot predict what a threat would be to them. So, enjoy the video and leave the manipulation to the professionals and experienced people.

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