This is Ovomote, perhaps the most convenient and universal remote control

It is possible that more than one is already saturated with the availability of a wide variety of remote controls, depending on the electronic devices they have purchased for their home.

But he could not neglect those who also think about this scenario and bring innovations in the form of products that simplify everyday life.

That’s what we just found on Kickstarter, right in the campaign it’s currently open for Ovomote, the most universal remote control compatible with a wide range of products, both traditional electronic products and connected products.

A device to “master” them all.

And the best part is that it allows you to easily manage each of them, via the touchscreen, so you can easily select at any time the electronic device you want to manage with a simple swipe gesture on the screen after first going through a simple setup process for each device.

But also Ovomote also chooses the most efficient way to manage each selected device, with support for both infrared and Bluetooth and WiFi..

In the case of using infrared, the developers of this universal remote control this features high quality infrared which provide full 3601 horizontal coverage, so the signal is not blocked by interfering elements or distanceas it offers a control range of up to 10 meters.

If necessary, you can too Use the mobile app to turn your smartphone into a backup remote controlgiving you control (based on typical cell phone usage).

And another interesting aspect is that is capable of transforming any conventional device into a smart device. This applies to air conditioners, for example, as Ovomote is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can even control devices via voice command.

Ovomote has one 2,000mAh battery and 20W fast charging support, allowing you to be fully charged in two and a half hourswhich guarantees an autonomy that can reach ten days of rest.

And that at a price starting from the equivalent of 89 euros, shipments around the world will start in March next year. All details will be posted on the Kickstarter campaign website.

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