This is BeReal, the social network that commits to authenticity versus Instagram ‘posturing’

After the popularization of social networks in Spain and around the world, there were many voices that accused themselves against them its artificiality. The one known as “posing” which consists in showing an impossible reality in front of a screen that hides the most problematic aspects of real life is something that has characterized these networks for years. Now come Be real, the app that aims to put an end to all that.

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This new competitor in the social networking world aims to offer a much more realistic perspective on life. To do this, it uses a philosophy that clashes with that promoted by other networks such as Twitter or Instagram. And the main idea of ​​it applications is that the user has only two minutes to publish a selfie or a photo.

And why 2 minutes? Simple: because it usually takes a lot longer to take a photo with the camera open on Instagram than that, because preparing these photos usually takes a lot more time. BeReal, a social network that by the way has a lot Rosalia to its credit, it encourages immediacy and realism.

BeReal: goodbye to the pose

Well applications It comes from France and has been on the market for 2 years. Its success has been forged practically out of thin air, as it went from a complete unknown to a top 10 most recommended app on the App Store, the applications from Apple. Its success has a very clear reason: celebrities of the rank of Rosalia or model Ashley Graham have opened their respective accounts on this network.

But how does this social network work? BeReal sends a notification to smartphone of the posting user two pictures in less than 2 minutes. One of them with the front camera and the other with the rear camera, so a set of both shots is taken in post

Rosalia's post on BeReal.

Rosalia’s post on BeReal.

@andreahl02 on Twitter


This method is extremely ingenious for one simple reason. If a time limit of 2 minutes was set when opening the BeReal camera, it wouldn’t make sense, since it would be enough to open the camera when the photo is already mounted. Not here; BeReal is looking that you show your reality ending with the poses.

And they are not the only restrictions. If you do not post within these two minutes, the user will be penalized with several hours without being able to see pictures of his friends. Also, you will only be able to see your friends’ posts once you start your. Also, images are only visible for 24 hours and once the photo notification arrives, they are deleted.

Be real.

It is also not worth ignoring the notification. If you’re not doing anything with it and it catches you in a bad moment, you won’t have to take a picture, but you won’t be able to post anything else until the next day, or see what the rest of your friends have posted. Once again, the moment and its reality are encouraged, avoiding the famous prefab poses that social media users tend to use when uploading a post.

BeReal also arrives at a very delicate moment for Instagram. Metta’s social network is embroiled in a popularity crisis after deciding to prioritize videos and although, its TikTok alternative to more closely resemble ByteDance’s social network. This has led to such powerful Instagram personalities as Kim Kardashian to charge against the platform for these decisions.

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