They find a possible work by Pablo Picasso that would be a caricature of Hitler

Italian art experts recently presented a work that could have been painted Pablo Picasso, something that has until now been ignored. Said painting depicts the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in cartoon fashion.

Annalisa Di María, member of the committee of experts in Art and Literature of the UNESCO Center of Florence, indicated: “Currently the work cannot be attributed with certainty to Pablo Picasso and certainly the painting will have to be investigated further ”. However, In his opinion, there is no doubt that it is a work of the Spanish artist.

The work was initially entitled “The eye of the snake” and is set between 1935 and 1937.

According to his analysis, the painting would have been created by Pablo Picassothat he would give it to his German friend Paul Klee, also a painter and that he was one of the artists most persecuted by the Hitler regime. The work is not in any of the catalogs of stolen works, but, being an “uncomfortable” painting, which ridicules the Nazi leader, it would have been convenient to keep it hidden.

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