These roads are the deadliest in Texas

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(NEXSTAR) – As you drive in Texas, you’ll be greeted with a sign that reads, “Drive Friendly – Texas.” Despite this encouragement, distracted, dangerous and drunken driving often leads to death across the state.

The Texas Department of Transportation called the number of fatal crashes “a true crisis in our state.” An average of 11 people died each day in 2021 in crashes on Texas roads, the department said. The state has not seen a day without traffic fatalities in 21 years.

A recent study attempted to determine which stretches of the state’s 680,000 miles of road are the most dangerous.

MoneyGeek mapped the locations of more than 10,000 fatal crashes between 2017 and 2019 to determine which roads are the deadliest in Texas.

The study found that three of the 10 deadliest five-mile stretches were in Dallas. The Texas 12 Loop alone had 42 fatal crashes over a two-year period, MoneyGeek found. Roads in Houston, Austin, Dallas suburbs and Fort Worth also made the list.

The 10 deadliest roads in Texas, according to MoneyGeek’s analysis, are:

10. I-45 in Houston, from Route 5 to Exit 50

Between 2017 and 2019, there were 11 fatal crashes on this stretch of interstate. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

9. I-20 through Fort Worth, Forest Hill and Kennedale

There were 12 fatal crashes on that stretch of interstate, or 2.8 per mile. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

8. TX-183 through Irving, Forth Worth and Euless

TX 183
State Route 183 between N. Industrial Boulevard and N. Beltline Road saw 12 fatal crashes. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

7. Lyndon B. Johnson Expressway (I-635) through Mesquite and Garland

Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
From Jupiter Road to the I-30 interchange, there were 12 fatal crashes on I-635. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

6. I-45 in Houston, between Airtex Drive and Mt.Houston Road

This is the second stretch of I-45 through Houston to make the list of deadliest roads. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

5. Texas 12 Loop in Dallas

Texas 12 Loop
That stretch of the Texas 12 Loop in South Dallas also saw 12 fatal crashes, resulting in one fatality every 2.5 miles. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

4. I-35 in Austin, between exit 244 and Rte. 290 exchange

That stretch of I-35 in northwest Austin has seen 14 fatal crashes in two years. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

3. Tomball Parkway (TX-249) in Northwest Houston

Tomball Parkway (TX-249)
There were 14 crashes on TX-249 between Antoine Dr and West Greens Road. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

2. Marvin D. Love Freeway (Hwy. 67) in South Dallas

Marvin D Love Freeway
This stretch between Camp Wilson Road and Illinois Avenue witnessed 15 fatal crashes between 2017 and 2019. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

1. I-35E in Dallas, between downtown and Dallas Love Field

Stemmons Expressway (US-77)
The deadliest stretch in all of Texas between 2017 and 2019, this area saw 20 fatal crashes. (Courtesy: MoneyGeek)

The analysis also looked at the causes of the deadliest crashes in Texas. It has been found that 25% of accidents are related to drunk driving. The second leading cause of crashes is distracted driving, followed by weather conditions.

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