these are the four main reasons

Breakfast can be festive or extremely modest, without going beyond something drunk. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar have no scientific evidence to back it up and on top of that is used as an excuse to take real calorie bombs after night fasting.

Some people really don’t feel hungry when they wake up, while others would empty the fridge if they could. “Both sensations are completely normal, so if you’re not hungry it would not be necessary to force the body to consume a heavy breakfast. Better leave the intake of nutrients for lunch and drink coffee or infusion on an empty stomach,” says Concepción Martínez, a sports nutritionist who claims that the obsession with a full breakfast can cause heaviness and gas.

“A balanced breakfast would include carbohydrates, fat and protein, although it’s important not to force yourself to eat more in the morning if you don’t feel hungry. If you love nothing more than coffee with milk, don’t sweat it“, the specialist previously emphasized in an article in EL ESPAÑOL. This breakfast is influenced by the culture and tradition of the place where you live (or where you grew up) and while from Spain we watch with horror how in other territories they start the morning with a plate of vegetables, here We accept toast with butter and/or jam as a daily routine.

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Increases the glycemic index

Wholemeal sliced ​​bread is made from refined flours. For its preparation, the endosperm, part of the cereal crop, without the bran and germ, which is a very powerful source of fiber, is used. The result is less filling food, which increases the glycemic index during digestion and has a greater amount of digestible carbohydrates. Among them is amylopectin, which during digestion turns into sugar.

Increased body fat

Other polysaccharides found in white bread, such as starch, when subjected to a fermentation process, are quickly transformed into sugar. Eating bread made with refined flour starts a chain reaction that increases insulin production in response to rising blood sugar levels. The problem with excess insulin, according to some studies, is that even in small amounts, the rest turns into fatboth in normal weight and overweight people.


“Consumption of white bread, two or more servings per day, indicates a significant direct association with the risk of being overweight or obese“, reveal scientists from the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Navarre in an investigation published in the journal BMC Public Health. An investigation supported by another study conducted by La Paz Hospital in Madrid, which shows that processed foods with refined flours or refined sugars are among those responsible for weight gain and metabolic difficulties.

Also at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, they analyzed changes in bread consumption and weight gain in people with cardiovascular risk over four years. Finding that reducing the consumption of white bread, such as classic bread, reduces belly fat and weight. Because this type of bread appeared to cause insulin spikes, in addition to low satiety and gut inflammation.

The problem with baking

Acrylamide is a compound that is produced when foods are cooked at high temperatures, affecting more those that are rich in carbohydrates, such as white bread. Too much toasting of food not only causes this substance to appear, but also destroys nutrients and bioactive compounds, as in the case of bread, which loses its water content. This substance is also considered a probable human carcinogen, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

There is evidence in some animal studies that exposure to acrylamide has been found to increase the risk of several types of cancer because, in the body, this substance is converted to a compound called glycidamide, which causes mutations and DNA damage.


One of the best alternatives is to change the type of bread and toast it as little as possible, for example, use wholemeal bread, which has a low glycemic index, is filling and has more vitamins and nutrients than white and provides only 258 kilocalories per 100. grams, according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation. Another option is sprouted bread, which also has advantages over whole wheat in terms of vitamin content, which is higher; and as the best winner, crystal bread, which provides 249 calories per hundred grams and has less fat and less sugar than whole wheat bread.

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