The Towie star says half-price breast surgery has left her with no feeling in her breasts

TOWIE star Ella Rae Wise has revealed that half-price breast surgery left her with no feeling in her breasts.

The 22-year-old, who joined the ITVBe show in 2019, went under the knife last year.

Towie star Ella Rae Wise said her half-price surgery left her with no feeling in her chestCredit: Getty
Ella Rae likes to flaunt her new breasts in luscious photos on InstagramCredit: Instagram/@ellaraewisex
Come to the photo before your breast surgery in 2021Credit: Instagram/@ellaraewisex

Back in January 2021, Ella Rae teased her fans that she would be changing her breast size after admitting she was attending a breast consultation on Harley Street in London.

Weeks later, she revealed that she had taken the plunge and had breast surgery.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Ella Rae explained that she was able to get a 50 per cent discount on the operation – which comes to £3,600 – because she assisted the surgeon and provided him with some cover.

She went on to explain that she lost some feeling in her breasts after the surgery.

“I did, it’s perfectly normal to lose a bit of feeling, but it should come back in a year and a bit,” Ella Rae told us.

“Mine [sensation] it came back a little but not that much but to be honest i don’t mind not having feeling in my tits because when i needed to i could touch anything and it might make me feel bad but now i can’t to feel it, so I don’t feel sick anymore.”

Luckily, the beauty isn’t worried about the loss of feeling in her breasts, but admitted she might change her mind in a few years.

“Maybe when I have a kid I’ll feel different,” Ella Rae said.

“I might be a little upset that I can’t feel a bond with my baby.

“Hopefully he’ll be back by then and if he’s not I won’t be breastfeeding – I’ll just bottle feed.”

Back in April, the ITV star admitted the real reason she went under the knife.

She told OK!: “It was more about confidence.

“I feel like if I was in underwear or a bra… Like no bra ever fit, it would always go to the front.

“If I ever go on holiday and put on a bra, I’ll always feel young. I know it’s more intense to be flat-chested, but I feel like a woman.

The pocket rocket joined Towie in 2019 alongside the likes of Chloe Brockett and Joey Turner.

Ella Rae stars in the current 30th series – and her romance with co-star Pete Weeks seems to be heating up.

Ella Rae has been on our screens since 2019Credit: ITV

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