The title of CNN’s new morning show is a throwback to Chris Licht’s CBS days

Before the midterm elections in November, CNN plans to debut its new morning program. CNN This Morning, the name of the new morning show, will debut Nov. 1, a rep for the cable network announced Wednesday.

Because of the name’s similarity to CBS This Morning, a morning program that former CNN executive Chris Licht helped launch ten years ago that was just renamed CBS Mornings, it may sound somewhat familiar to some people.

CNN Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins will host the show. Lemon will give up his primetime position while Collins will leave the White House beat to join the program. The previous morning, Harlow had dropped anchor an hour later.

The morning show is one of Licht’s first permanent roster changes. Warner Bros. Discovery in advance in May Licht declared that the program will be “destroyer” in industry.

The title of CNN's new morning show is a throwback to Chris Licht's CBS days
The title of CNN’s new morning show is a throwback to Chris Licht’s CBS days

In addition to Jake Tapper taking over the 9pm hour and Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates anchoring from 10pm to 12am, Licht made several other significant but brief changes. Although they are seen internally as potential trial vehicles for Tapper, Camerota and Coates, this lineup will remain in place until the midterm elections.

However, whether viewers stick around when the news goes down has always been an issue for CNN. In both situations, CNN is counting on the expected increase in viewership that the midterm elections will bring to increase awareness of new content.

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