the surprise of the Tokyo Game Show?

Konami is anticipating a huge surprise and it is very likely that it has already leaked before the show was hosted in the Japanese capital.

Franchising silent Hill he is so famous for his creepy gameplay that he was cursed in the end. After the cancellation of the Silent Hill PTfamous reboot that everyone was waiting for, the license was very discreet, abandoned resident Evil dominate in the AAA horror game market. Since then, rumors of an unexpected return have regularly surfaced, without leading to anything concrete. But as the Tokyo Game Show approaches, a new leak gives hope to fans who no longer believed it.

Incredibly confusing screenshots have popped up on Twitter, causing a stir among the most desperate gamers. According to the leaker of these few images it would be first excerpts from a remake of Silent Hill 2currently under development at Bloober Team. Last week, Konami mentioned the return of a beloved flagship license around the world during its conference at the Tokyo Games Show. So are we entitled to the return of this horror classic?

artistic blur

Although this leak raises some questions, the quality of the images leaves something to be desired and does not contribute to the truthfulness of the information. We discover third-person shots with such low sharpness that it’s hard to make out details. Despite everything, it is not difficult to wear the inseparable green cloak and the hairstyle of the hero of. to recognize Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland. Some fans even thought they recognized Brookhaven Hospital, a level known to all for its very unwelcome nurses …

However, a netizen known for his claims about the new Silent Hill games being developed in secret quickly confirmed this leak via the ResetEra forum. Then explain the reality behind these strange images.

Now that these images are in nature, let me say so. They are real, but they are not representative of the final product. These images come from an internal Bloober demo presentation prior to project validation. So it’s a no-budget proof of concept rather than a finished product, keep that in mind. Of all that may have leaked, this is the furthest away from what the game looks like.

It looks like the project is real, but it has nothing to do with these newly emerged images. So we’ll have to wait for the Konami conference on September 16th. that promises 45 minutes of ads of all kinds. OR silent Hill the famous license has not returned, Konami has just re-filed the license rights as well Suikodensuggesting a possible return of the cult JRPG.

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