The Rock praises Alison Hammond on This Morning as they agree to ‘marry again’

Hammond, 47, and ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 50, opened up about the cheating marriage on This Morning in 2017 in a hilarious interview that has since racked up 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Johnson returned to chat with Hammond while promoting his latest film, in which he plays DC superhero Black Adam, and began his conversation by saying: “Good morning to my ex-wife Alison…”, referring to their love affair five years ago years.

Hammond and Johnson exchanged their “love” for each other when they reunited on the show


The two continued to joke about being each other’s other half during their discussion until their time together ended, much to both of their disappointment.

Before saying goodbye, however, Johnson raised his hand as he asked his off-screen publicists if he could say some special words to Alison.

Johnson later interrupted the interview to praise Hammond for her success, much to her surprise


They agreed and Dwayne said: “I just want to say this really quickly, Alison, I want to tell you that we’ve known each other for a long time – I’m so happy for you.

“I know you’re doing great, you’re nominated for all these National Television Awards, you’ve been amazing, so ‘mow.’ Congratulations! We should get married again!’

Hammond seemed surprised by Johnson’s praise when she mouthed the word “Aww” in response.

Hammond and Johnson opened up about their cheating marriage on This Morning in 2017


Co-host Dermot O’Leary, who was there for the sweet chat with Johnson, told Hammond after the break: ‘Can we take a moment? “I’ve known you for a long time”…

“But we’ve known each other for quite some time,” Hammond said.

O’Leary exclaimed: “Dwayne Johnson told you that! What a great moment that was. Wasn’t that great?’

Looking very pleased with herself, Alison replied: “It was so exciting!”

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