the Qatar World Cup instruction manual

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Starts November 20th. Until December 18, the best teams will meet in the Asian country. A world cup different. Federations like England They are already working on explaining to footballers and fans how they should behave in the face of Islamic traditions and customs.

“You must respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and take care in your actions to ensure that they are not offensive,” is England’s motto. Although it is expected that Qatar also relaxed some of its customs due to the large influx of people expected in the country.

The the UK government He advises not only footballers and other members who are part of his team’s expedition, but also those fans who will be traveling to Qatar for the World Cup. “Local laws and customs reflect the fact that Qatar is an Islamic country,” they emphasize.

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From Daily Mail put together these tips for hobbyists. Among them is highlighted how they should behave when meeting the local people. The importance of correct greeting according to gender is emphasized. And above all, Qatari men and women do not touch visitors, so it is vital that you wait for the Qataris themselves to take the initiative.

respect is expected

More than a million people are expected to flock to Qatar to enjoy the World Cup. A country of natural attractions, cultural and architectural heritage… As with any trip, when visiting any territory, the first thing to consider is respect for its culture. Therefore, the emphasis is placed on these conditions for the World Cup.

Qatar set for 2022 World Cup

Qatar set for 2022 World Cup

Nick Potts/PA Wire/dpa

The English Football Association In this way, he wants to ensure that he avoids insults during the championship. And the football players, and Gareth Southgate and his team, members of FA and English fans will get tips and updated information about Qatari culture.

The FA, for example, have been in regular contact with the authorities of the World Cup host country to obtain any necessary information out of respect for Qatar’s culture. Thus, they have been working on this educational process for several months to ensure that the big heroes of the tournament, the footballers, are very aware of what is expected of them.

Guidelines to follow

Pornography, extramarital affairs, public displays of love (especially between people of the same sex), and the consumption of pork are prohibited. Although it is the consumption of alcohol, something common in Europe or in the American continent, which can be more complicated to control. But there are strict rules about it. It is forbidden to drink it in stadiums and in some public places in the country. Its purchase is only allowed in designated bars and restaurants by the local government.

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As with pork, alcohol cannot be carried in luggage. As well as of course some prohibited drugs or drugs. Despite all the above, perhaps in the clothes that should be used or rather in those that are not recommended to be used, there is more controversy. In particular, decency must be observed when visiting places of religious interest.

An exterior image of Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the scene of the 2022 World Cup final.

An exterior image of Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the scene of the 2022 World Cup final.

Qatar 2022

Among the recommendations being collected, it is emphasized that “people show as little skin as possible”. As for women, it is stated that the shoulders and knees should be covered, as well as avoiding tight clothing. For men, it is stated that it is proper not to wear shorts or short-sleeved shirts in certain places.

national debate

On the other hand, over the next few weeks, english team will refocus to finalize preparations for his arrival in Qatar. As highlighted Daily Mailthe national team “is under pressure to make a statement against the hosts’ questionable human rights record”.

In this way, the mentioned British tabloid emphasizes that the footballers themselves will discuss the way in which they can carry out this in the next concentration of the English team.

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