The OnlyFans model admits she broke her boyfriend’s heart after he broke up with her

Bradley Lewis was stabbed in the heart (Image: SWNS)

An OnlyFans model has admitted to stabbing her boyfriend to death after he broke up with her.

Abigail White stabbed Bradley Lewis in the heart but told neighbors he stabbed himself minutes later.

Prosecutors say the 24-year-old lied to police about the incident in South Gloucestershire.

White called an ambulance from her home in Kingswood, but her partner died in hospital hours later.

Bristol Crown Court heard there was evidence White tried to “clean up” while a seven-inch knife was left lying on the radiator.

Lewis, 22, died from a single stab wound in Kingswood on the evening of March 25 this year.

After being arrested on suspicion of murder, White told police: “I didn’t stab Bradley.”

But the model has now admitted manslaughter to Mr Lewis on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Mr Lewis was 22 when he died (Image: SWNS)

White – who has dubbed herself a “fake Barbie” and posted half-naked photos online under the pseudonym Mitzi Lewis – denies murder.

The court was told Mr Lewis was fatally wounded minutes after leaving a pub with White, who is said to have “no boundaries when he’s angry”.

The jury was told their relationship was strained as Mr Lewis had recently left the family home to stay with his mother following another knife incident.

On the day of the attack, Mr Lewis was in a park with White and another family and he told her: “I don’t want to be with you anymore, Abby.”

The court heard White had also stabbed football fan Mr Lewis in the arm about a week before the incident.

Police and forensic officers at a crime scene in Kingswood, Bristol, in March (Image: SWNS)

A neighbour, Laura Cundy, heard the accused screaming “he can’t breathe” and dialed 999.

When he entered the house he found Mr. Lewis on the kitchen floor.

Anna Vigars KC, prosecuting, told the court: “She also found a lot of blood on the floor of the house.

“Although it appears Mrs White made some attempts to clean because the mop had been used and there were clothes in the washing machine and a knife with a blade about six or seven inches long on the radiator cover in a hallway.

“Abigail White was hysterical.

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“Ms Cundy did what she could to give first aid to Mr Lewis by following the directions given to her by the ambulance, applying pressure to the wound she found to be in the middle of his chest and counting his breaths.”

An autopsy suggested Mr Lewis suffered a single stab wound, at least 7cm deep, which penetrated his heart.

Ms Vigars added that the operators of the calls asked Ms Cundy to try to find out how Mr Lewis was injured.

“It took some time to get a version out of Ms White, but what Ms Cundy was able to get out of her was that Mr Lewis and her had been fighting, he had taken the knife and stabbed in the chest with that,” the lawyer said.

“In other words, although it took Mrs. Cundy some time, she was quite clear that the wound was self-inflicted.”

Mr Lewis was taken to hospital but died the next day.

White told police in a prepared statement that they got into an argument after arriving home and he reached for a knife to injure himself.

“She told police she thought he was planning to harm himself so, she explained, she grabbed the knife herself and carried it out of the kitchen, intending to go to the front door and throw it out,” Ms Vigars said .

“Mr Lewis caught up with her in the hallway, she said, and grabbed her by the hand she was holding the knife in and drove it into his chest.

“She was absolutely clear with the police, ‘I did not stab Bradley.’

After her arrest, police released voicemails in which she expressed her “anger and sense of betrayal” at his “infidelity or alleged infidelity.”

Ms Vigars added: “She explained how she was sick of being lied to and that she needed to beat the truth out of him, even threatening him with a knife.

“She admitted that she has no boundaries when she’s angry.”

Ms Vigars told jurors White accepted she had stabbed the victim just three months after his death.

“The prosecution argued that when she stabbed him, she did so with the intention of either seriously injuring him or killing him, that it was not accidental.

“And that even if she regretted it almost as soon as she’d done it—as she no doubt did—the moment she plunged a knife into the middle of his chest, she intended to do him the slightest, serious injury.”

The case continues.

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