The new WhatsApp update does not allow users to take a screenshot

Instant messaging app WhatsApp plans to release a new version of the software that won’t allow taking screenshots to view a single message. According to reports by WABetaInfo, the new version of WhatsApp will not allow users to take screenshots of images and videos to view a single message. Although the feature is currently available to beta testers, it will soon be available to other users.

Once the screenshot blocking feature is rolled out for users, the recipient will get a black image if they try to screenshot a single image. Even if the recipient uses third-party extensions, it will not be beneficial as it will not yield results, the report said. However, the user can still take a screenshot of the conversations available on the WhatsApp platform. Also, if one uses a secondary smartphone, images or videos once viewed can be easily saved.

The other important feature that will be available to the users in the future update is the polls feature. Users will be able to create polls in group chats using the feature, WABetaInfo reported. However, this feature will not be limited to group admins and will be quite useful for other members as well. Polls feature is available in the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android update.

WhatsApp View Once feature

The WhatsApp View Once feature was launched by WhatsApp earlier this year and allowed users to send photos and videos that would self-destruct after being seen by the recipient. The feature offers privacy to users who want their message to be delivered to a person but not shared with many people.

NB: It is advisable to think before sending a message to a person on WhatsApp. If you think the content is sensitive (and potentially harmful), don’t send it.

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