The new rival of Nintendo Switch that will arrive soon through crowdfunding

In addition to Logitech with its newly launched Cloud Gaming handheld that supports some of the cloud game streaming services and the new portable gaming option that Razer will officially unveil tomorrow, we also talked about many more portable gaming options.

These other options have mainly resulted from the various fundraising campaigns that have been run on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the general integration of Windows as an operating system instead of Android.

Performance and design combined in a new portable gaming device

Well, the crowdfunding campaign for Ayaneo 2, the new portable game console, highlights aspects such as using the AMD 6800U processor to ensure exceptional performance and also has a 7-inch frameless display that defines it as the first full-screen on a Windows laptop computer.

The integration of a complete main controller, the result of the team’s dedicated research and development and with a deep integration of hardware and software, The creators of this device dare to say that:

Combined with the fusion of art and powerful performance, an unprecedented handheld supported by future technology. The dream handheld offers real gamers an unprecedented gaming experience.

For now we will have to settle for the promotional photos and videos posted on the launch site, where those interested can also add their email addresses to be notified of new developments.

The full features of this device are not yet known, including the heat dissipation system, which should be important depending on the holes it is equipped with, but undoubtedly This device leads the way and more when it has a system of buttons, controls and triggers similar to what users can find in other handheld game consoles, including the popular Nintendo Switch.

In this way, users with a familiar form factor, albeit with a more stylized design, will find it easier to start using this new option which increases the number of options for portable game consoles, and this usually happens unnoticed because not even a brand has tried to advertise.

More info / photo credit: Indiegogo

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