The new Google Chrome update allows lag-free operation even with multiple tabs open

Google Chrome is probably the most used web browser by computer users around the world. The browser is used by students, professionals as well as the general public for everyday use. However, the user may have noticed that if multiple Chrome tabs are opened, the performance of the computer slows down. This happens because multiple Chrome tabs use a lot of memory and eventually slow down your computer.

However, after the latest Chrome update, this will no longer be a problem as Google is adding two new features – Memory Saver and Energy Saver to the browser, reported Android Police.

Memory saver mode will hibernate those Chrome tabs that are least used by users. This will result in low computer memory usage. Whenever this mode is active, users will be able to see a pin icon on the right side of the address bar. After a certain period of time, when users return back to the hibernating pages, they will find a pop-up window in the particular tab. The popup tab will show the amount of RAM that has been freed. There are certain customizations in this feature as well. Users can also opt out of the feature for certain websites if they don’t want to hibernate them.

On the other hand, Energy Saver mode turns off the high refresh rate feature, visual effects, and limits background activity. This will extend the battery life of your computer in the long run. However, the changes mentioned above are currently present in Google Chrome Canary. For those who don’t know, Chrome Canary is the experimental version of the browser and is made for developers. It is not yet known when the update will be available to regular users.

The aforementioned feature will be useful for those Chrome users who are using older computers or laptops. New laptops/PCs are less prone to lag due to multiple Chrome tabs as they have enough RAM on board to handle the tasks. However, older computers have less RAM and are prone to lag. These two Google Chrome updates are likely to eliminate the headache of Chrome slowing down.

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