The new Avatar game is inspired by the best RPG of recent years

The Last Airbender looks set to take a breath of Nintendo-style fresh air in its new video game.

If there is one cartoon that has earned a comeback in the world of pop culture, this is it. Avatar the last airbender marked an entire generation through a strong story brought by a surprising animation drawn by Nickelodeon. After its spin-off The legend of Korra and a slew of comic books, the franchise had no news until recently. Fans who need this universe can rejoice with a wide variety of projects ranging from animated films to video games.

And exactly, speaking of video game projects, one of them made the trunk on Amazon Japan and pushed the specialized site AvatarNews to communicate it. Their team was able to get exclusive information and even watch snippets of the game. The news is clear and it seems that fans ofAvatar and from Zelda will have something to be happy about …

Avatar: The Breath of the Airbender

According to the sources of the editors of AvatarNews, a certain Avatar: search for balance it should arrive very soon on consoles and PCs. In fact, the date of November 8, 2022 would have been selected for the publication of this new title. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he made a detour to Gamescom. In addition to coming out very soon, the game should delight fans of cel-shading and pastel graphics.

It is from this aspect of Breath of the wild ThatAvatar: search for balance it was probably inspired by the images seen by a lucky few. As for the gameplay, the game will create its own recipe, far from the majestic open world of the previous one Zelda dated. Because the story of the game at different points in the universe ofAvatar, it will be divided into very different sequences. Members of the Order of the White Lotus recall the war in the original series. But how “their memory is playing tricks on them” according to Avatar News, this title will impose itself as the Marvel What if? from the universe of the last airbender.

Sources close to the project also say the game will be entitled to its first major marketing introductions very soon. How to say Gamescom stands out as the perfect event for such an announcement. Avatar: the search for balance is scheduled for November 8 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, but patience is a must while waiting for a full official announcement.

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