The Mole Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Are You The Mole?

The mole is back baby!

It’s been almost 14 years since the franchise aired its last episode in the U.S. The Mole is one of the most popular reality TV shows and is criminally underrated as one of the best/most addictive competitions to get you hooked.

Now The Mole Season 6 Episode 1 is back with a sleek new look and 12 new players competing for the chance to win cash. But more importantly, it brings up that big burning question: Who is the Mole?

One thing you’ll notice throughout Are You the Mole? is a slight aesthetic change compared to previous seasons in the franchise.

The Mole still plays with themes of espionage and betrayal. The background music plays with a crime noir influence, which is a positive for the franchise. It makes us feel like James Bond, Sherlock Holmes or Dick Tracy trying to hunt down an evil spy.

The differences come from design changes. For example, the iconic green thumbprint has been replaced with a white version on an orange background, and this thumbprint is retained in the title card intro.

No more fingerprints marking player safety or eliminations. This method is reserved for cell phones flashing the desired green or deadly red.

Plus, confessionals are now housed in an “interrogation room” style, as if investigators are questioning players. This theme differs from previous looks where players were in dark rooms under a single light or in settings based on shooting locations.

I enjoy these changes based on the season/series premiere. (For future discussion, we’ll refer to this season as The Mole Season 6. This season is the first season for Netflix, but is the sixth season overall in the American franchise, which includes the two seasons of Celebrity and the 2008 comeback.)

Each iteration of the Mole added its own flair to the competition. For example, the first two seasons were about a serious crime noir/spy theme, while the 2008 version was more of an agent/tech theme.

Dom: We have all this gear. We have all this camping equipment. Let’s make camp, shall we?
Greg: Yeah, Dad!

This trending style for 2022 introduces a modern twist. Case in point: replacing large screen fingerprints with mobile phone eliminations.

We have the modern technological influence, but the show still holds on to the spy element, albeit in a subtle way. More nods may be added in future episodes; for now we’re just teasing what’s to come.

Let’s hope the spy element comes out in full force. This is one aspect of the Mole that attracts us.

Speaking of teasing, “Are you the mole?” went fast right out of the gate.

If anyone had to rewatch and pause to keep up with the introductions, you’re not alone. Some players got extensive introductions, some small, and some none at all.

Of course, there are 12 players and it would take too long to introduce them all. However, in a sabotage game, it would be nice to get a few seconds to learn about these players before they are thrown into their first mission.

Several times in the first half I had to pause, review my notes and understand each player. It got easier when I put a name and occupation on a face. (Confession labels helped!)

The first mission was a fun challenge that didn’t require much skill, allowing us to get a closer look at each player.

It’s a simple setup to team up and find something hidden in the jungle. In theory, if groups just found their red cargo boxes, they could make some easy money.

And the Mole wouldn’t even have to sabotage much. Since the players were divided into three groups, this opened up the possibility for some groups to win and others to lose.

This is what happened in this case. We were treated to lots of big shady moves, big wins and even bigger losses, which is a great plot for a round of The Mole.

Group #1 (the tall tree group) looked the least suspicious.

They found their cargo package in the jungle and didn’t have much trouble getting it back. Also, Dom, William, Cassie, and Avery all seem to have agreed to put the mission first.

However, Avori raised the most suspicious red flags.

How convenient that the only person with rock climbing experience ended up in the tree climbing challenge? And was it that difficult for her to untangle the knots from the bag?

He could wait, wasting minutes on the clock.

Group #3 (the underwater group) had some notable mole moments.

Greg seemed all too eager to open the advantage card. They would have found the underwater suitcase if they had only looked to the side. Felt like he was trying to distract the group and waste money/time.

[In confessional] I was definitely a bit suspicious. Opening the envelope is something the Mole would like, because $2500 less than $5000 is still success in the Mole’s eyes.


Also, Casey quickly agreed with Greg. Sometimes the saboteur isn’t the biggest focus of the screen; it could be the person in the background making the subtle decisions.

She helped that group spend the money.

At least they found their case, but Greg, Casey and even Pranav (who also played it cool) came off very suspicious. Jacob was too focused on winning the mission.

On the other hand, group #2 (the group down) was a mess! Who doesn’t check the edge when they’re so lost?!

It felt like a combination of bad luck and bad decisions.

Of course, Joy wasn’t familiar with the jungle, but she would know how to read a map better. Osei defended himself for not using the provisions and advantage in his bag.

[In confessional] I start to get really suspicious because I’m like, “Hey, you’re a pilot! Why are we lost?” We are in the middle of the jungle and Joy needs to be our Dora the Explorer. And we don’t research anything! Either he’s lying or he really is the Mole.


Both Samara and Sandy played it so under the radar that it’s hard to tell if they’re The Mole or not. Simply letting Joi and Osei lead them astray would have lost them anyway.

The mole shouldn’t have tried with this group.

Do you trust William after the big twist?

William seemed like a great guy after completing his secret mission to steal the case. This doubled the group’s reward for this cargo pack, earning him a good favor.

[In confessional] When I see Will, my heart just sinks. Either he’s a good liar or I’m an idiot.


However, I agree with Joi and Samara about their suspicions. A move like this was meant to undermine paranoia and make people doubt William. We’ll have to keep our eyes on him.

There is still no hard evidence that William is the Mole. He could be the lucky one who found the mission on the plane. However, even The Mole themselves can be instructed by the producers to play a specific role or get the clue.

And since William is one of the other three people who haven’t heard the results of their test, the suspicion may be for naught.

Between Joy, Osei and William, it’s anyone’s guess who gets to go home. All three were main characters during Are You The Mole?

Joey slipped into his voice that he thought William was the Mole. So if she’s eliminated, it can’t be him. If she stays and he goes, it’s someone who has done similar things as William (ie from a winning group, etc.).

However, this could all be a red herring and Osei leaving will keep us guessing going forward. Cliffhangers love to play with our minds like this!

Final thoughts from the Mole:

  • Alex Wagner seems like a good host; she is looking for a friendly and excellent approach. However, no one will surpass Anderson Cooper as the franchise’s best home run.

  • Dom and William may be the first couple to begin a coalition soon (ie the Mole’s formulation of an alliance). They made friends very quickly.

  • Greg will be the star in the confessional; he didn’t hold back. We love watching it.

  • The jungle cottage looked lovely!

Now to you Mole fans!

What did you think of Are You the Mole?

Which player was behaving the most suspiciously? Which of the three missions would you join? Who is your prime suspect?

The Mole is available and streaming now on Netflix.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him Twitter.

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