‘The Masked Singer’: Is Tom Brady Hiding Under This Suit?

Since how The masked singer began promoting its new season, many fans began predicting that Tom Brady would appear on the show. That’s because Brady took time off from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ preseason and it coincided perfectly with The masked singer sticking. He also returned to Tampa Bay the day after the show finished filming, leading many to think that Brady was appearing on the show. However, if Brady is what people think he is, the timing doesn’t make sense. Here’s a look at Hummingbird this season.

Is Tom Brady Hummingbird included The masked singer?

There were four singers in the first week of The masked singer. With so many contestants this season, only one will continue each week. This has made guessing who’s under the suits almost pointless as all but one unmask the day fans meet them on the show.

However, only two people unmasked this week, and Hummingbird won’t unmask until next week. Some people think it’s Tom Brady.

In the monologue, he said he was excited for “the start of Season 8” and said he knew a lot about the competition. He said it was in his “DNA”. He said Shaq helped him when he was starting out and formed a “patriotic team.” They dominated the Super Bowl. He also said that his current career has been a revelation.

Visual clues included a man in a cowboy hat, a black wireless speaker, blue leggings without laces, a scoreboard that read 71-00, and a man with two rings. He also said that special awards can be silver, but that does not mean second place.

Whose is Hummingbird The masked singer?

With that said, there are many clues that point to Tom Brady. He played for The Patriots and won many Super Bowls. His current career sees him with the Buccaneers, where he is still winning. However, there are also clues there that fit other people.

Brady won two Super Bowl rings. However, Peyton Manning has only won two rings and his current career is as a television host. Manning is also a second-generation player, as his father, Archie Manning, was also a dominant player, adding to the DNA clue.

Tom Brady

The judges discussed who they thought it could be. Robin Thicke thought it was an NFL star and chose Deion Sanders (who won two Super Bowls in his career and played for the Cowboys, which is another clue). Jenny McCarthy had some weird guesses, including Rob Thomas, Uncle Cracker and Chad Kroeger. Ken Jeong then had two guesses – Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. We’ll find out next week who Hummingbird really is.

Who do you think is under the Hummingbird suit? The masked singer? Could it be Tom Brady? Let us know in the comments below.

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