The leaders said- Mulayam was special to everyone: Netaji used to sit in the opposition’s court in Parliament, used to say well done by patting his opponents.

Mulayam Singh said goodbye with wet eyes on Tuesday at 4pm. Also present at the funeral was Mulayam’s old friend and defense minister, Rajnath Singh. Chief ministers, deputy chief ministers and former prime ministers of many states also participated. In addition to the president of Lok Sabha Om Birla, leaders such as Ragni Sonkar and Rakesh Tikait were also present. There is practically no political party in the country whose leaders have not come to pay their last respects to Moulayam. Everyone paid homage to Netaji in his own way.

  • The daily team spoke with the leaders present on site. Get to know his stories related to Mulayam. Let’s go back to his intervention in 10 graphics …
  • We too have learned of Mulayam-related memories of famous people. Now you know the words of his fans from all over UP and the stories related to his Mulayam …

In memory of Professor Dhananjay Singh, Netaji …

According to the teacher Dhananjay, Mulayam was the leader and support of the poor.

“I am a teacher in Karhal. I remember coming here in 2008. Then I was introduced to him by the head of the block here. Then Netaji asked me, do you have any problems with food and drink. He told the head of the block that I was told to organize their food and drink and their stay well. They shouldn’t have any problems. Hearing this from Netaji, my eyes filled with tears. He also gave me a bicycle to go to school. I went to school from that. I have met Netaji several times since that day.

“Every time I met him, I felt like I had met my father. He also invited me to his program at home. I would like to say one thing, Netaji is a great leader not only in UP but around the world. There is no break. This crowd came here with their own spirit. It is not out of greed. This is proof of that ”.

Poet Etawah Ashok Yadav says …

Ashok says,

The name of the fate of this country is Mulayam

The name of youth assistance is Mulayam

When we had time, we showed the country

The name of the fortune of happiness is Mulayam

Ashoka began his speech with this poem. Ashok, who served as SP district president for 12 years, said, “We will always remember our leader. He got up off the ground and saw success. He has always defended the poor, the destitute. In our village, if ever a poor man invited Netaji to his house. If he is, then he must have come. How many times has he had to eat food in our village. He came here to see the fair. Netaji was very fond of wrestling, so he used to hold wrestling at the fair. Sometimes he was a fighter. He also taught him how to beat. He had reached the top after getting off the ground but he had never forgotten his old age.

The prince of Varanasi – says the prince of Varanasi – went to the hospital after being burned by self-immolation

The prince said

Rajkumar said: “In 1992, when Netaji was imprisoned in Benares in Ramkula Kanth, I tried to set myself on fire for him against the administration. Since then, Netaji has started to believe me a lot. He started calling me son. Our domestic relationships have burned me by setting me on fire. Netaji had come to the hospital to see me. After that, he was talking on the phone.

He talked to me as to his son. Whenever he came to Benares, he met me. I also went to see him. When he came to Benares, people went up to the rooftops to see him. Netaji loved and respected each of his workers. These people were not ready to lay down their lives for them.

Memories of a worker from Mohanlal Ganj …

Netaji has always helped its workers.

“In the Mayawati government, I was under the Harijan law. At the time, my condition was not such as to be able to fight the case. Then I reached Netaji, but security stopped me outside. Hearing my screams, Netaji walked out. He took my hand and pulled me inside. After that, he asked me about my problem.

Upon hearing the problem, he called the DGP. Then they talked on the phone. Netaji talked about my case. After that, I called the Mohanlal Ganj Police Station. My case was returned the next day. No plaintiffs returned home empty-handed. At Netaji’s request, his workers would remain on one leg … there is so much respect for him in our hearts. May our leaders be immortal.

Last farewell to Netaji with state honors
Mulayam Singh Yadav was illuminated by his son Akhilesh Yadav at the Saifai Fairgrounds. For the last rites, Mulayam’s body was placed on a platform near the memorial of his first wife, Malti. Amitabh Bachchan’s son, Abhishek Bachchan, considered very close to his last darshan, had arrived with his mother Jaya.

Sahara leader Subrata Roy and industrialist Anil Ambani also paid him a final tribute. During the last rites were present the prime minister of Chhattisgarh Bhupesh Baghel, the prime minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot, the vice president of UP Keshav Maurya and Brajesh Pathak, the deputy minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav, the former prime minister of Madhya Pradesh , Congress leaders Kamal Nath and Mallikarjun Kharge.

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