The ‘inevitable Tories’ will lose the next election, says former Tory MP


the former Tory MP said it was “inevitable” the Conservatives would lose the next general election after a week of economic turmoil following Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget last Friday.

Professor Adam Tomkins, who was the Scottish Conservative MP for the Glasgow region between 2016 and 2021, said the UK’s economic future would be in safer hands with Labor than the Tories.

Speaking to BBC Scotland’s The Nine on Wednesday night, Professor Tomkins admitted it was an “extraordinary” thing for a Conservative to say.

He said: “This is an extraordinary thing to say and I say it because of what Kwasi Kwarteng has done in the market in the last few days.

“It is abundantly clear that the UK’s economic future would be in safer hands if Labor were in power than the Conservatives.”

He argued that the government had “lost control” of the economy.

In an article in Wednesday’s Herald, the Glasgow University law professor backed the Labor Party.

He later said the party looked like a “government in waiting” after this week’s conference in Liverpool.

Professor Tomkins added: “What the Conservative Party exists for is to be in office to ensure the UK’s economic prosperity.

“This feels very much like 1992 or 2008 to me, when the country is turning against the government.

“It is absolutely clear what the outcome of the next election will be and the Conservatives will lose it, deservedly lose it.

“The economic reality behind trusonomics is an unfolding disaster, the way the pound is being hammered.

“We can’t blame Putin for this, we can’t blame the war in Ukraine, we can’t blame Covid. This is crazy.

“Every member of the government has subscribed to these policies, this is the path they have committed to follow.

“It’s time for the Conservatives to be in opposition.”

Professor Tomkins said a Labor win at the next election was inevitable but the job would be very difficult, adding: “The job will be to somehow pick up the pieces of an economy that was battered by Covid and is an economy that is now battered by seriously flawed decisions coming from Number 10 and Number 11.”

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