The Guardians’ Miles Straw throws a football with Yankees fans during a rain delay

Can time really heal all wounds?

Cleveland Guardians outfielder Myles Straw was seen playfully tossing a football with fans at Yankee Stadium during a rain delay in the decisive ALDS Game 5.

Back in April, some unruly Yankees fans threw trash onto the field at Straw after the outfielder climbed a wall and clashed with fans to defend teammate Stephen Quan.

The Guardian expressed its distaste for Yankees fans after the incident, calling the Bronx faithful both “classless” and “the worst fan base”.

Before the ALDS series, Straw revealed that he had received death threats over the incident.

Looks like Straw is now ready to throw a football with those same “classless” fans.

Security eventually put an end to the impromptu game of catch, but it appears that Straw has “came off” the metaphorical wall.

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