the DualSense pro makes a sensational entrance

Sony introduces DualSense Edge, a professional controller for PS5 gamers.

Many games appeared on the opening night of Gamescom 2022, ultimately leaving little room for the hardware, which will be much better represented at the German show. However, we were greeted with some big surprises, like Mini’s Pokémon concept car or Sony’s brand new controller for its PS5.

No, you are not dreaming, PlayStation has unveiled its professional DualSense called Edge. This takes everything we love about the next generation controller and adds many benefits that you can partially take advantage of. But before discovering the new features, here is a small visual overview of the accessory waiting to be fully used.

Everything to win

Note that the DualSense Edge’s design changes little from the original model. Same colors (or almost), same size and same treatment. We find on the back what is characteristic of each high-end controller: the paddles. These are four in number and are fully reassignable. This also applies to joysticks and triggers, whose dead zones and sensitivity can be adjusted to your liking.

For convenience, Sony adds the ability to save settings to multiple profiles and switch between them by pressing a button. Finally, the DualSense Edge comes with some additional accessories, to add to the customization of the device. We are thinking in particular of the joystick caps, but also of the triggers, with which you can really play in the best conditions. Otherwise you also have the possibility to change the entire block of the analog stick thanks to a special kit, which can be purchased separately.

At the moment we do not yet know at what price this gem will be marketed. Considering that the Xbox Elite controller costs € 179.99 and the Scuf Reflex starts at € 219.99, the DualSense Edge should be right in the middle of that range given the built-in technology and lack of visual fit.

A PS5 Pro on the way?

The arrival of the DualSense Edge makes us wonder about the future of PlayStation hardware in general. After all, it’s a product intended for an experienced audience, not to mention a professional in the making, and we know full well that we need a console to match to be truly effective. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t revealed any plans for a future PS5 Pro. So we’ll have to be patient and look for plausible information on this subject in the coming months.

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