the dances of political leaders in and out of Spain

Leaked videos showing the Finnish prime minister looking very hot at a party have caused a political scandal in her country. But they served to show that politicians also know how to have fun. And that they even remove all seriousness or shyness from their positions when it’s time to dance.

A quality that Sanna Marin shows in all the recordings where she doesn’t stop singing and dancing. But there was already before her numerous leaders who had no qualms about hitting the track. Although the majority, unlike Marin, did so in acts or public events. Among them are the former President Mariano Rajoy or the current Minister of Culture Mikel Isetta.

sledge marine

The Finnish “prime minister” appears in the videos, which caused a major controversy due to the allusion to drug use heard in one of them, she doesn’t hesitate to get in front of the camera to dance along with a few friends. As Marin herself admitted, she knew she was being recorded the whole time. What worries him is that aspects of his personal life have been exposed. As a result, he submitted to a drug test due to pressure from the opposition and Finnish public opinion.

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, at a party

Vladimir Zelensky

the Ukrainian president he also worked as a dancer within his former aspect as an artist before presenting himself in his country’s elections. His knowledge of discipline is what has allowed him to stand out above other great leaders in the past. So much so that it was winner of the Ukrainian edition of Look who’s dancing in 2006. A milestone he achieved, demonstrating on stage that he handles a variety of styles.

Zelensky in Look Who’s Dancing

Boris Yeltsin

The late former Russian president has also shown at times that his feet move as soon as the music starts. His most famous dance took place in Rostov rally held in 1996, where he did not hesitate to dance a “twist” in front of an audience of thousands. As soon as the music started and encouraged by the singer of the band entertaining the event, Yeltsin started moving and didn’t stop for almost a minute.

Boris Yeltsin dancing in 1996

Donald Trump

The former US president, now embroiled in an FBI investigation into possible violations of the Espionage Act, also stood out with his light steps at some rallies. But where it was launched more was the 2020 campaign acts where it was added to the general revelry that erupted when it started ringing YMCA by Village People.

Boris Johnson

Yet the British Prime Minister was also involved in a leak, as happened with Sana Marin. The difference is that he was breaking the rules of his own government was created to fight the coronavirus. At the parties held at his official Downing Street residence, Johnson was recorded dancing with other event attendees. The question is whether he knew there were videos of those moments since no one was wearing masks. In addition to the fact that, as the dance canons dictate, there was no safe distance.

Mariano Rajoy

The former prime minister has never danced at public events. But a large number of people did before that at a private event. Rajoy’s only known dance took place in wedding of PP leader Javier Marotto in 2018. Then the former leader of the “popular” took on the track when it sounded My big night, by Raphael. A moment that anyone who visited the link could see. And this can be understood thanks to another of those indiscreet records.

mikel iceta

The current Minister of Culture and Sports is the Spanish politician who has shown the most in public what he likes to dance. When he was the leader of the PSC, Iceta did not hesitate to be very hot-tempered as soon as the Queen songs came on at some rallies. He who is most celebrated in these actions is Don’t stop me now. With which he even encouraged Pedro Sánchez to dance in 2015, when he was still a presidential candidate of the government.

abel knight

The mayor of Vigo is another one who does not hesitate to join a party. Although his festive attitude reached a milestone this August. To celebrate the closing of the O Marisquiño Festival, The gentleman began to dance break dance. A style he chose as the theme of the event, which emphasized sports and urban culture. And before whom he is not afraid, even though he is 75 years old. He even challenged the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to a “dance battle”.

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