The color of a woman’s dress changes instantly in the sun

Different types of videos are shared online regularly. While some of them are scary, funny and interesting, others are so amazing that you are left surprised and amazed. One such video has already surfaced and is trending on various social media platforms. In the video, you can find that the color of the woman’s dress instantly changes in the sun.

In the video, which was shared on Instagram (@izzipoopi), a woman can be seen wearing a white dress saying: “Guys remember my color changing skirt? It changes color too,” pointing to her dress. “Let’s go out in the sun,” she added before stepping out into the sun.

Falsely, when the woman stepped out of the house and stood in the daylight, her white dress was seen to instantly change color to a beautiful pink. “It’s pink now.. Not for long.. Science,” the woman can be heard saying in the video.

Watch the viral video:

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