The Central Bank of Azerbaijan discloses the number of applications received from consumers, investors

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 13. Central Bank of
Azerbaijan (CBA) received more than 8,780 written applications from
consumers and investors from January to September 2022, which
is 16.4 percent more compared to the same period of the previous year
(10,511), reports Trend via CBA.

A total of 6,030 of the complaints are related to banking activities
sector, over 2,270 to the insurance sector, 187 come from
capital market participants and 287 on other issues.

A total of 959 written inquiries were sent in September.

Of the total number of inquiries, 670 are for banking activities
sector, 244 – to the insurance sector, 21 come from capital
market participants, 24 – on other issues.

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