The best quotes from 50 years of writing by Nobel Prize winner Annie Arnoux

The best quotes from 50 years of Annie Arnoux’s writing: After years of speculation, French author Anne Hernaud has finally won the Nobel Prize for Literature. She is now the 17th woman to receive the award out of a total of 119 recipients.

The Nobel Prize Committee announced the 82-year-old winner yesterday and praised her 50 years “uncompromising and written in simple, clean language” writing. She is well-liked for her writing, which often straddles the line between fiction and non-fiction as she analyzes her own experiences with sex and political reality.

Also known as “a pioneer of French autofiction,” Ernaux has been praised for his selection of works time and time again. Her magnum opus, “Les Années” (The Years), which was published in 2008 but did not gain traction with British readers until it was shortlisted for the Booker International Prize in 2019, received particular praise.

It was not always easy to understand and appreciate Ernaux’s work. Erno mentioned in an interview with the Financial Times two years ago that whenever she published something, her performance reviews were sure to include the word “impertinence”, or obscene.

And not just for her work on sexuality. It was even directed at the 1997 book Je ne suis pas sortie de me nuit (I Stay in the Dark), which was a diary she kept while her mother battled Alzheimer’s. She told the FT, “People will see immorality everywhere.” In fact, it was only aimed at women.

The best quotes from 50 years of writing by Annie Arnoux
The best quotes from 50 years of writing by Annie Arnoux

But Erno is finally getting the attention and admiration she deserved from the start, some 50 years after her first book was published, and we’re happy about that. Because everyone deserves a big dose of Annie Erno these days, here are some of the author’s best quotes.

The best lines from Annie Ernaux

“The knowledge of understanding guilt does not give one the ability to eradicate it.” A Girl’s Story 2016 The frightened eyes he had thirty years ago, the eyes that shaped me, where are they now? I’ve been in the dark since 1998

“Perhaps the true purpose of my life is for my body, my sensations, and my ideas to become writing, or something intelligible and universal, which will make my existence merge with the lives and minds of other people.” the author suggests that this happens in 2001.

“Track everything, call everything and put it together in an assembly line kind of way. Describe why I am locked in this unpleasant dorm room, afraid of death and what will happen. Between contractions, clear it up and get the truth.

The horror of writing “My mother passed away” on a blank piece of paper, not as the first line of a letter, but as the title of a book, was something I only got over yesterday. A Woman’s Story from 1988

“Her voice, along with her words, hands, movement and laughter, connected the adult I am to the child I once was. My last link to the world I’m from is severed. A Woman’s Story from 1988

Naturally, I don’t feel guilty about writing these things, because there is a time between the time they are written and only I can see them, and the time they will be seen by others, a time that I feel will never came

At that time I might have been involved in an accident, I might have died, or a war or revolution might have started. That waiting allows me to write today without worrying about the consequences, just as I did when I was sixteen and spent all day lying in the hot sun, or when I was twenty and had my first sexual encounter without using contraception. 1991’s Simple Passion

“Pain cannot go unprocessed; should be transformed into humor.” I’ve been in the dark since 1998. “At any given moment there are other things that society is covering up without realizing it, in addition to the things that seem natural to do and say, and those that we are told to think—no more less from books or subway ads than through humorous stories.

Thus dooms to a lonely agony anyone who feels these feelings but cannot express them in words. then, either gradually or suddenly, the silence ends, allowing the words to finally be heard as new silences begin to develop beneath. 2008 in the years

“She taught me that there was absolutely no reason to hold back and that the world was made for me to pounce on and enjoy.” 1994’s Frozen Woman

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