the 5 announcements you absolutely must remember from opening night

Missed the Gamescom 2022 opening night broadcast? Don’t panic, here are the 5 games not to be missed.

Beware, there is something heavy in these next lines. Last night Geoff Keighley opened the opening of Gamescom 2022, a famous video game gathering that has been held in Cologne, Germany since time immemorial. After a few years of digital celebrations for the releases due to the pandemic, the return to face to face has reserved for us many surprises, and above all good ones!

Back to a two-hour broadcast where many games were announced and more trailers revealed. Here are 5 must-see games that are likely to cause a stir in the coming months. For the most important announcements, we give you an appointment at the end of this article to discover the biggest revelations in more detail.


We start this wonderful roster with a big surprise that will make all players mouth water. Everywhere is an open world title that promises great possibilities for play and exploration, through visually stunning biomes. The game currently only has a release window scheduled for 2023, but we can’t wait to hear more in the coming months.


After Dunes: Spice WarsDenis Villeneuve’s film and Frank Herbert’s literary works will have another iteration in the world of video games. Awakening of the dunes is a future open-world survival MMO that will transport us to the barren and hostile lands of Arrakis. If for now we only have a cinematic trailer – visually incredible – we know that the game is expected on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC at an as yet unknown date. Patience, everything comes at the right time for those who know how to wait.

black tail

Let’s forget science fiction for magic with the following title. Blacktail is an action-adventure game in which the myth of Baba Yaga takes center stage. As a witch, you can choose between protecting the forest or chasing the nightmares of innocent children. The decision is yours in this title that combines fantasy, combat and storytelling. Blacktail is expected to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC by the end of this year. We can not wait !

lies of P

If you know the story of Pinocchio, this game shouldn’t leave you indifferent, even if in terms of atmosphere it is the opposite of a children’s fairy tale. lies of P it is an intense soul-like that transports us to the Belle Époque in a universe that is visually beautiful as well as terrifying and desolate. You play as a young man who looks like a human being, but is not, and who is looking for Geppetto. There is no release date for this title yet.

Atlas cases

We conclude with another original adventure game called Atlas cases. In this role-playing game on the notes of pronounced or even from prince of Persia, you must free humanity from the yoke of the gods. The gameplay is promising to say the least, albeit quite short in this first trailer. The title should arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC no earlier than 2023.

And more

Of course, Gamescom 2022 hit hard again and several highly anticipated games were mentioned during the opening ceremony presentation. Therefore, here you will find our articles dedicated to some of them:

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