Thai man in coma after foreign owners of Porsche he was admiring brutally attack him

A 47-year-old Thai is in critical condition after being attacked by two Frenchmen in an unprovoked attack captured on camera.

Somkuan Songkhot picked up his wife Lakhana Salao from a cleaning job in the Koh Samui Central Mall in Surat Thani Province on October 15 and go home on their motorcycle when they were overtaken by a white Porsche with Bangkok plates. According to Lakhana, Somkuan said: “How beautiful is this car, when will we have such a car?” He would have fun for a while before following Porsche.

Porsche has reportedly started backing up the couple’s bike and honked their horn until they came to the side of the road in front of a grilled pork stall. The driver of the car parked the Porsche on the street, blocking traffic. Lakhana said Somkuan saw that the two passengers were foreigners and thought they might be lost, so he approached them and asked them in English if they needed help.

Just then, a man in a black shirt came out of the passenger side of the Porsche and attacked Somkuan. In the video of the incident on his cellphone, the man can be seen kicking Somkuan and punching him in the face, knocking him down and banging his head hard on the sidewalk, knocking him unconscious. . It is unclear whether the shirtless driver in the video also attacked Somkuan.

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The police arrested and charged the 28 and 34-year-old Frenchmen, who confessed to assaulting Somkuan, of serious injuries sustained in the attack on another man. His vehicle was also seized by the police.

Somkuan was taken to hospital on Koh Samui, where he reportedly underwent brain surgery to treat a brain hemorrhage and remains in critical condition.

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