Ten kilometers from Cantalejo, where Guillermo Calvo disappeared, a corpse appears

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The subdelegate of the government in Segovia, Lily Martin, confirmed that a body had appeared in an area with difficult access in the municipality of Muñoveros, about ten kilometers from Cantalejo, where they were looking for Guillermo Calvo, the 19-year-old who disappeared at dawn this Thursday. After the discovery of the body, the court protocol has been activated and an identification is pending.

The government sub-delegation indicated that the young man’s family is awaiting news, so they have asked to be very careful until they receive confirmation from the authorities.

This morning, the search operation for the young man was resumed with 600 volunteers coordinated by the Guardia Civil de Montaña, Seprona and Seguridad Ciudadana, as well as two dogs and dog handlers and underwater teams from the Guardia Civil.

An operation activated since yesterday after last Thursday he left his house in the town of Cantalejo and left a farewell letter to his parents. As his father explained to this media, his son had dinner at home and talked with him until 12 in the night, after which he left. He closed the door and they heard nothing more. He left them a farewell note saying he was leaving. “He had a lot of clear things and we think he got worse,” the father lamented.

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