Telisinavaallu Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and more

Release date of Hebah Patel’s Telisinavaallu OTT film: Actress Hebah Patel, who rose to fame with Kumari 21 F, has since been unable to maintain a career as a mainstream heroine; her most recent film, Odela Railway Station, was released exclusively on the Aha OTT platform; and she now she prepares to act in another promising film, titled Telisinavaallu.

Release date of Hebah Patel's Telisinavaallu OTT film

Despite having finished filming a long time ago, Telisinavaallu was unable to secure a spot in theaters due to competition from other more anticipated films; The filmmakers have since released a trailer, which has piqued public interest; Also announced the release date of the film.


Although the Telisinavaallu storyline has not been revealed, the trailer shows what appears to be a “mass suicide” in which Chitra (Hebah Patel) and her family commit suicide so that their beloved “Naresh” can come back to life, while the her boyfriend Aravind (Ram Karthick) tries to stop her and, in the process, learns about the philosophy of mass suicide, which she learns is also known as “Cult Suicide”.

Cast and crew

Directed by Viplove Koneti, with music by Sri Charan Pakala and produced by Viplove Koneti under the name of Syringe Cinema, KSV Presents, the film stars Hebah Patel and Ram Karthick in the lead roles. Other notable cast members include VK Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, and Jaya Prakash.


Telisinavaallu Movie OTT Release date, digital rights and satellite rights

Telisinavallu’s plot, which was inspired by both the TV series True Nightmares and the 2008 mass suicide in Delhi, is intriguing and we can only hope the film itself is equally so. Judging from the trailer, the filmmakers could explore the role blind faith plays in suicide attempts, as well as the mental health issues that may have contributed to the tragedy.

Movie name Telisinavallo
OTT platform TBA
Release date of the OCT TBA
Release date in theaters November 2022
Director Viplove Koneti
Hero Hebah Patel, Ram Karthick, VK Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh and Jaya Prakash
Tongue Telugu
Movie industry Tollywood

Telisinavallu Movie OTT platform (Digital rights)

While it’s encouraging to see Hebah Patel come out of her typical glamorous roles, she hasn’t had much box office luck since Kumari 21 F. Hopefully her latest endeavor, Telisinavaallu, is more successful for both her and Ram Karthic than before. appeared only in secondary roles.

The film’s unique premise and interesting storyline will no doubt appeal to audiences, but the filmmakers were in awe of the film’s digital rights; we’ll have to wait until the movie premieres to find out more about them.

Telisinavallu Movie OTT Release date

The Telisinavallu trailer has been released and the producers plan to bring the film very soon; however, they haven’t announced a release date yet. Based on past experience, we can safely assume that the film will be released in November; OTT release date will be announced after theatrical release.

Theatrical release date: November 2022

Digital rights: TBA

OTT release date: to be defined

Satellite rights: to be defined

Satellite release date: to be defined

Trailer of the Telisinavallu film

Telisinavallu OTT film: FAQ

When is the Telisinavallu OTT release date and time?

Undeclared, the filmmakers of Telisinavallu have not yet announced.

Where can we see Telisinavallu? / Where can I see Telisinavallu?

Theaters, Telisinavallu will hit screens very soon.

Who bought the OTT rights of Telisinavallu?

Undeclared, the filmmakers of Telisinavallu have not yet disclosed.

Telisinavallu successful or flop?

Not Declared, Telisinavallu’s film hasn’t been released so we can’t say Hit or Flop

Is the Telisinavallu movie available on Netflix?

No, not available on Netflix

Is Telisinavallu available on Prime Video?

No, not available on Prime Video

Is Telisinavallu available on Aha Video?

No, not available on Aha Video

Is the Telisinavallu movie available on Hotstar?

No, not available on Hotstar

What does OTT mean?

Over the Top Platform is the full form of OTT

Final words

The upcoming film Telisinavallu has been heralded as a dramatic thriller with an intriguing plot that would undoubtedly touch all sections of the audience.

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