Team Adipurush press meet in Hyderabad after teaser over backlash

The creators of Aadipurush released their first teaser in Ayodhya on October 2nd and were heavily criticized for the low-level visual effects. On top of that, a section on the internet also accused the creators of copying concepts from Hollywood. Amid growing controversy, Adipurush’s latest update is that the team will hold a press conference in Hyderabad. A source said the producers are likely to discuss issues and controversies surrounding the film.

The press conference is presented as the first step for director Om Raut and producers to respond to the boycott call. Since the teaser aired, many people have also questioned the character of Ravana. They say the character resembles that of the Mughal rulers compared to Ravana.

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Also in the teaser, Lord Rama is portrayed as a man with a mustache, which many believe is an imperfect portrait of the Lord. Meanwhile, the creators released the Aadipurush 3D teaser in Mumbai on Tuesday. During the event, Om Raut spoke openly about people’s reactions to the teaser. Speaking to The Indian Express, Raut said, “The visual effects from the film are too large to absorb on a mobile phone and the visual effects, scale and processing of the film will look great on the big screen.”

Also, when asked about the reaction, Om Raut said: “I was definitely disappointed, not surprised because the film was made for the big-medium-big screen.” He also said that the film was shot for all generations and that the film communicated with them in their language. To quote Om Raut, “We do this so that it reaches the next generation that thrives on global content. We try to talk to them in their language, we want to get in touch with them.

Adipurush includes Prabhas, Sunny Singh, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon. Adipurush hits the big screen on January 12th.

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