Talks begin about saving electricity in grocery stores – Group K: “we can reduce electricity consumption by up to 15-20 percent”

Grocery stores consume a lot of electricity. Now the K-group says it will go on strike to save electricity.

Grocery stores consume a lot of electricity. Now the K-group says it will go on strike to save electricity.

Group K says it has discovered possible new ways to save electricity in stores for the fall and winter energy conservation talks. Group K promotes joint foresight in electricity consumption to avoid possible power shortages in winter.

“It is clear that as a major player we have our own role in the negotiations to save electricity. We believe that with exceptional measures, we at K group could reduce electricity consumption by up to 15-20 percent in the short term if the power generation situation requires it,” says K group’s building technology manager. Anti Kokonen in the newsletter.

According to K Group’s press release, the commercial sector consumes approximately three to four percent of all electricity in Finland. If significant reductions in electricity consumption can be achieved, the effects will be large.

According to the announcement, energy-saving measures in group K were taken long before the current energy crisis.

Examples of energy saving measures can be found for example K-citymarket from Tamisto. A number of solar panels have been installed on the roof of the store, which covers a large part of the store’s electricity consumption.

Shopkeeper at Tammiston Citymarket Kimo Sivonen also says all of the store’s furnishings were replaced with more energy-efficient ones during the renovation last year. This investment reduced the store’s electricity consumption by up to 30 percent.

According to the K group’s press release, other key long-term energy-saving measures implemented in K grocery stores include, for example, lighting renewal and, as a recent innovation, heat recycling systems that recycle waste energy.

Quick ways to use

However, the current situation calls for quick and extraordinary means of saving.

“We are able to reduce electricity consumption by regulating, for example, the heating of the store and the lighting of the store and advertising with the help of automation,” says Kokonen in the press release.

“Our stores have energy-saving heat recycling systems, which are practically like big heat pumps. If the situation demands, they can be directed to use less electricity and more heat.’

Retailer Sivonen says many ways to save energy in grocery stores are similar to ways to save money in homes.

“There’s no point in keeping the lights on when the shop isn’t open. We make sure that the lids of the refrigerators are closed and that the doors of the coolers are not kept open unnecessarily.”

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