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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese working in Europe and a Frenchman working in Taiwan recently shared an internship with the common purpose of helping people understand that they can do more than they do by making an impact on society and the environment. .

David Liu, who moved to Sweden more than 10 years ago, is now the General Manager of Norrsken Stockholm, a non-profit foundation dedicated to encouraging startup entrepreneurs to tackle and solve problems around the world through their business solutions.

Clément Dieudonné, Taipei-based Ubiik’s top marketing executive and a fast-growing international startup, is promoting the implementation of their proprietary software and devices to make smart energy a reality and this also helps fight climate change in the over time.

As the leading provider of industrial IoT solutions in the country, Ubiik was chosen by the state electricity monopoly Taipower as a qualified supplier for its largest IoT project. Clément talked about how Ubiik’s new technology has been applied to improve energy efficiency in several countries.

The two shared the stage of a bimonthly networking event in Taipei co-hosted by Meet Global, the Taipei-based news blog that features startup companies and the American Innovation Center (AIC) and exchanged ideas with more than 50 startups and Taiwanese entrepreneurs in front of Taiwanese tea cups.

The meeting came at a time when Taiwan is embracing ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) as the best practice for business development to maintain its global high position and investment attractiveness. Investors also continue to shift to socially responsible companies and industries, which generally remain unchanged despite the looming energy crisis caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Speaking of sustainability trends, Liu said the challenges people face today are global. “The COVID-19 pandemic is one example and who knows what else will come next,” she said.

“Traditional technology, or traditional solutions, may not be the best solution. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs and startup founders actually have a great chance to use technology to solve these challenges around the world,” he said, regardless of whether either fight climate change or disease. Liu described his nonprofit organization as an ecosystem where startup founders can gain knowledge and raise capital to promote and apply their new technologies to create a better world.

Liu said the Swedish hub is expanding outside the Scandinavian nation and is about to open a third office beyond their current “homes” in Stockholm, Sweden and Kigali, Rwanda. New offices and strategic partnerships with international companies are planned. He personally hoped that one of them would be in his native Taiwan in the future.

Sustainability is based on new technology, say startup influencers in Taipei
David Liu speaks in front of the audience. (Meet global photo)

Sustainability is based on new technology, say startup influencers in Taipei
Over 50 Taiwanese startups and entrepreneurs exchange ideas over freshly brewed Taiwanese tea cups. (Meet global photo)

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