Supply chain, logistics, procurement & tech news round-up

Chris Caplice – academic who helped make freight a science

MIT’s Dr Chris Caplice is one of the most decorated and influential thinkers in freight and logistics, being behind the MIT FreightLab and other initiatives.

UBQ Materials’ circular approach to the supply chain

UBQ Materials, based in Israel, has developed advanced materials as a circular approach to managing otherwise non-reusable waste.

David Food, Board International Supply Chain Manager, Q&A

We speak to Board International’s David Food on how ethical and sustainable right-shoring is an effective solution to supply chain disruptions.

Packaging optimization to overcome supply chain disruptions

Managing inventory operations with the help of technology and artificial intelligence is critical to building an efficient, sustainable, digitized and resilient supply chain.

Supply chain partner Achilles appoints new CEO Paul Stanley

Achilles, a global leader in supply chain risk and performance management, has appointed Paul Stanley as the new CEO to manage the company’s operations and vision.

Q&A with Sundar Kamak, Ivalua’s Global Head of Manufacturing

We speak to Ivalua’s Sundar Kamak about how manufacturers can address ongoing supply chain disruptions through risk management and digital transformation.

Advancement of the digital supply chain with strategic procurement

As supply chain disruptions continue, strategic sourcing is one way businesses can improve sustainability, resilience, and drive digital transformation.

Microchip technology, from creation to supply chain shortages

As the shortage of chips continues to put pressure on the manufacturing supply chain, we describe the transformative history of this 20th century invention.

Three ways to future-proof your supply chain

The global supply chain is facing unprecedented challenges. But these obstacles can be overcome with resilience, agility and a commitment to sustainability.

The Russian invasion slows down as the tech supply chain breaks down

The global semiconductor manufacturing crisis is forcing Russian soldiers to raid abandoned kitchens in Ukraine to power their weapons with old chips.

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