Suella Braverman reveals secret plan to cut UK deficit with ‘Growth Visa’

SWELA Braverman has revealed top secret plans to cut Britain’s deficit by £14 billion with a new ‘Growth Visa’, The Sun can reveal.

The Office for Budget Responsibility also warned that her “no more visas” speech would increase the cash black hole by an extra £6bn over five years.

Home Secretary sacked from job under Liz Truss after accidentally forwarding secret plans to strangerCredit: Getty

The home secretary has clashed with former prime minister Liz Truss, who drew up proposals for thousands of highly skilled IT professionals, scientists and sports stars to try to boost economic growth.

Experts said it would raise billions for the Treasury as they struggle to plug a £72bn deficit, but risk net migration jumping and breaking policy promises.

Ms. Braverman was deeply opposed and tried to alert key allies by sending a secret draft statement.

But a Tory hardliner called Leaky Su accidentally forwarded it to a stranger – and was sacked.

Yesterday there were calls for new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to sack her again just six days after re-appointing her.

A source said: “Suela tried to play down the scale of the fraud but it was inflammatory, market-sensitive information.”

The contents of the leak and the raging scandal that led to her sacking have been laid out for the first time in a new political book, Out Of The Blue, written by Sun man Harry Cole and James Heal.

There were claims last night that Ms Braverman had breached the ministerial code “repeatedly” and refused to admit it.

It was revealed that she was involved in an MI5 leak investigation earlier this year, but the leaker was never found.

Tory MP Mark Pritchard said a “breakdown” in trust between MI5 and Ms Braverman needed to be “resolved as soon as possible”.

Former cabinet minister Sir Jake Berry told TalkTV she had committed “numerous” offences.

Labor MP Chris Bryant said ministers had told him she was a “threat to national security”.

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