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After the release of Apple’s iPhone 14 series, we always see a slew of new products, not only do we have the new Apple Watch series, but of course the same follows suit. Twelve South are here again with a range of products to make your life better and easier and here’s what’s available now and of course products for you to check out, Twelve South manufactures high quality accessories and we can vouch for them over the years and keep an eye out for some reviews coming your way here soon.

Charge your new iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time with this stylish wireless charging stand and storage solution from Twelve South. Available in black or white, the HiRise 3’s sleek vertical design allows users to charge all three devices while taking up less desk space than an iPhone and using just one plug. It’s the perfect solution for freeing bedside tables and desks from countless charging cables.

HiRise 3 keeps iPhone upright while charging, allowing users to easily read notifications, tap the snooze button, or make a FaceTime call—all without having to pick up their phone. Its raised charging pad is reserved for MagSafe iPhones (including the new iPhone 14 models) and is also compatible with MagSafe cases. The main pad charges any AirPods, iPhone and smartphone with wireless capability and is compatible with slim cases. The small shelf at the top of the HiRise 3 is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch (including the new Series 8).

BookBook case for iPhone 14/14 Pro

Price: £54.99

Available from Amazon UK (coming in November – samples available for older iPhones)

Book book

A staple of the Twelve South case collection, this MagSafe-compatible 3-in-1 leather case, wallet and viewing stand combines modern technology with the look and feel of a vintage book. The premium leather not only looks great, but also conceals your new iPhone, deterring thieves.

The case is packed with useful features for the iPhone 14 as well. Keep your Apple Card and other credit/membership cards safe with the wallet section, or detach the magnetic sleeve to keep the phone protected while you’re using it at the gym or hanging it on a kickstand. a car. The camera cutout is precise, offering protection while ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of your best shots. The case also folds up to double as a viewing stand so users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows while on the go.

Forte magsafe

You can also use the BookBook shell with MagSafe accessories without removing the phone. Available for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models.

Forte MagSafe stand

Price: £39.95

Available from Apple

Forté is a modern desktop charging stand designed exclusively for iPhones with MagSafe, including the new 14 models. Plug an Apple MagSafe charger (not included) into the Forté for a smart way to dock your iPhone while charging wirelessly. By creating a magnetic platform, the Forté can securely hold the iPhone vertically or horizontally, making it ideal for hands-free use and perfect for streaming shows or FaceTime calls. The platform can tilt up to 70 degrees so users can find the perfect viewing angle or use it as a charging stand for their AirPods.

Twelve South ActionSleeve 2

Price: £34.99

Available from

Great for fitness fans, the ActionSleeve 2 is a fabric wristband that securely holds the Apple Watch and can be worn on the upper arm or bicep. It is ideal for sports such as kickboxing, weightlifting and crossfit training, where protective sports equipment and full wrist mobility are often required, which precludes the use of the Apple Watch on the wrist.

Action sleeve

ActionSleeve 2 is made of non-allergenic, hand-washable material that is gentle on the skin. Additional fabric is placed under the hardware to eliminate any rubbing or pinching. Whether cycling, golfing, yoga or weight lifting, users will be able to move more naturally without Apple Watch getting in the way of their workout.

The 41mm and 45mm models are compatible with Apple Watch Series 8 (as well as 7).

Twelve South ActionBand for Apple Watch

Price: £24.99

Available from: Amazon

The Twelve South ActionBand protects the Apple Watch while working, while also serving as a simple sweatband to keep you cool in hotter climates. Offering comfort during exercise, it has a protective frame to keep Apple Watch safe, clean, secure and pressed against your skin to track your progress.

Action bar

The ActionBand includes a pair of machine-washable wristbands, one with an Apple Watch bezel, one without, so you can wear one on both wrists. Available in 40mm and 44mm and 41mm and 45mm for the 7 and 8 series.

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