Street light scam: 4 hours of investigation in Captain Sandhu’s office, 7 property documents searched

Captain Sandeep Sandhu, who was OSD for former Prime Minister Amarinder Singh, is seen in trouble in the case of fraud on solar lamps worth Rs 65 lakh installed in 26 villages in Sidhwan Bet. In fact, Vigilance broke in for them. On Saturday, police raided the home office located in Mullanpur. During this period, the investigation lasted 4 hours. Sandhu is said not to have been found, but the documents were recovered by Vigilance. Meanwhile, details of 7 Sandhu properties are also being studied.

According to reports, Vigilance was conducting a reconnaissance as former minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu for the arrest of Captain Sandhu. In his office in Mullanpur, apart from that, there was constant vigilance over the localities of Mohali, but for the past two days he has not come to Mullanpur or reached Mohali.

2 defendants can be taken from prison on a production warrant
In this case, Vigilance arrested Sandhu on the basis of documents. These are the documents the police collected from Sandhu’s close friends, office and home last week. What to prepare for the vigilance game. Having achieved the same, Vigilance accelerated the arrest process. These documents are said to be related to property transactions and bank accounts, which were made from the authors’ accounts.

Sources reveal that in this case, Vigilance could jail two production warrant defendants, who know a lot about Sandhu in this mess. The first name is that of BDPO, who had written a letter in which he revealed that Sandhu’s relative, Harjit Singh, had pressured him to pass the check. In addition to this, the president may also be required to question Lakhwinder. The new SSP Suba Singh can question these two defendants.

The search for the owner of the major connecting lighting company continues: the owner of the solar lighting company had concluded a lighting contract with Gaurav Sharma. The money was stolen from him by the defendant. This is why it is the most important link in this story. If he is arrested, this case will grow stronger and stronger. For this reason, the police raided two states in search of Gaurav, but he was not found.

it is the case
We inform that Vigilance has already arrested BDPO Satwinder Singh Kang, President Lakhwinder Singh and VDO Teja Singh for fraud on street lamps. After their interrogation, the name of Harjit Singh emerged, who is a relative of Captain Sandeep Sandhu. When Harpreet was captured, Sandhu’s role became clear. This is why Sandhu made ownership despite being OSD and where he invested while being lightweight in Congress. All these details are being studied.

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