Street dog crushed by car in Indore: first dragged for 10 feet; VIDEO

A video of a car driving a dog sleeping on the road has surfaced in the Indore airport area. He seriously injured the dog. People tried to stop the car, but the driver ran away. People for Animals filed a complaint with the airport police based on footage from surveillance cameras after seeing the car number. Police recorded a case under sections 429 and 279 of the Animal Cruelty Act. The case was on Thursday night, the video resurfaced on Friday morning.

People tried to stop, then ran away
Prinyashu Jain, head of Peoples for Animal Welfare, said a lawsuit was filed against the driver of car number MP09CK4934 on Bhupesh Soni’s complaint. According to police, a car pulled out of Venkatesh Nagar around 11:30 pm on Thursday evening. He hit the dog that was sleeping on the street. She dragged the dog and led him 10 feet away. The driver reduced the speed of the car, only then people tried to stop him. After that, he fled after speeding up the car. People handed over to the police footage from CCTV cameras installed in neighboring houses. The police are now looking for the driver of the car.

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After hitting the dog, the driver escaped by increasing his speed.  The dog began to sob in pain.  Those present tried to stop the driver of the car, but he did not stop.

Mercedes had also crushed Street Dog in Indore earlier.

A few days ago in Indore, a nobleman stepped on a street dog with a Mercedes car worth one crore. The dog was sitting on the road, when the driver of the Mercedes, coming from behind, seeing the street dog, first reduced the speed. Within seconds, the car was on top of him. Arriving under the wheels of the car, Street Dog began to sob in pain. The driver then fled. Click here to see the video.

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