Streamer Screamer: WA hockey players achieve dream exposure as games streamed live across the world

The Perth hockey community has long wanted the visibility of other major Western Australian sports.

And rightly so: Perth hosts the national men’s and women’s hockey programs and some of the best talent in the world play in our local competition.

Now the Perth hockey tournament, littered with Kookaburras and Hockeyroos, is being streamed worldwide, thanks to Streamer.

Victoria Park players Emma Reid and Rachel Frusher say the platform is an opportunity to put the WA Hockey Premier League center stage.

“It has brought in more people who can’t watch it (live), especially with the pandemic going on, it means the community can still get together in a place where we can watch matches online and go for our team,” Frusher said.

“It’s big enough, it’s not a big community, but we’re hoping to spread it a little bit more, bring more kids into the hockey scene, so it’s a better sport.”

It was very special for Reid, whose family lives in India but can still access the games.

Emma Reid and Rachel Frusher, Victoria Park Hockey Club players.
Camera iconEmma Reid and Rachel Frusher, Victoria Park Hockey Club players. Credit: Matt Jelonek/Western Australia

“My parents live in India, so they don’t watch us play hockey and they love being able to come and watch our games as if they were there,” he said.

“We can go back and watch the games and also analyze.”

The pair are heading towards a series of finals with a Panthers team looking for their third consecutive premiership in the top flight. They hold the bottom line together and have agreed on their rare forays forward from mid-court and the occasional goal is the favorite highlight of this fast-paced and skillful sport.

“Rachel and I play together as a defender and last week I told Rachel ‘go get a free kick on the pitch, have some fun’.” Which he did quickly, scoring a spectacular “toma” goal: the tomahawk is a skill mastered only by the most astute of attackers. This is a backhand shot that pushes the ball towards the goal at high speed and at an almost unstoppable angle.

Is your spectacular “toma” lens a worthy winner of this year’s Streamer Screamer? Submit your favorite highlight from the pitch, field or pitch or enter a URL from Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo or TikTok and you can win up to $ 3,000.

The competition is an opportunity to showcase the best of the best from all types of community sports throughout WA.

Then, every Wednesday night, West Coast Champion Josh Kennedy will share his top three Streamer Screamers of the week on 7NEWS, before final winners are chosen.

Highlights can come from any sport and anyone else if you have permission to share them.

Registration is now open and closes at 8pm AWST on Tuesday, September 27, register for Streamer at and upload your clip to win.

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